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Dating a Park at a Park ( Park Woojin )

Author’s Note: please ignore the bad title lmao.. I hope you enjoy my first writing :-) 

Character: Park Woojin

Genre: Fluff☁️

Word Count: 1,345


You and Woojin have been dating for a while and are all cute n lovey dovey.
You guys decide to go on a date to the park because it’s nice out and nature is lovely.

It was early in the afternoon and Woojin receives a text from you saying:

Y/N: “Woojinie!! It’s nice out so let’s have a date day at the park :-) <3″ 

He smiles reading the text and blushes slightly at the little heart emoji at the end of your text. 

Woojinie: “Alright. I’ll meet up at your place at 12:00?”

You instantly rely to the text, agreeing to it and happily go to your bedroom, ripping everything out of your closet trying to find a cute outfit to wear. After throwing as many outfits as you could, you finally settle for a simple outfit: a long knit cardigan with a simple tee tucked into some high-waisted shorts. You had around a hour left before he were to arrive and ran to the bathroom to throw on some simple makeup and appreciating how cute you looked, hoping that your boyfriend would too once he got here. 

Woojin was probably as frantic as you were, throwing on as many outfits he had as well, also settling with a simple outfit of a graphic tee that looked nice with the flannel he wore over, rolling up the sleeves, and a pair of ripped jeans. It took around 10 minutes to take a car to your place, so he used his time wisely, making sure he had all of the things he needed for the day, aka his wallet, phone, and his love for you ;) im sorry lmao.  Looking at the time on his phone and realizing it was almost 12, he runs outside and catches a taxi to your place. 

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