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Instructions: Draw your favorite character in your last outfit and answer questions below.

Draco Malfoy in my Sunday outfit (aka the I need to hibernate look)

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“He wakes to find the familiar warmth of her body gone. It isn’t a surprise. This was their standard routine. One of them always slinking away as daylight broke on their forbidden rendezvous. Despite that, Kylo couldn’t help the feeling of disappointment that washed over him. The comforting weight of her small frame in his arms now an already fading, albeit pleasurable memory. And it would remain that way, just a memory; until they met again. They always did. Caught up in a fury of lips and hands. Soothing an ache that only seemed to deepen the longer they went without one another. 

No, he need only wait. Because like death, they were inevitable.”

Update: Smutfic for this can now be found here 

while doing my current edit, I have a TRANSPARENT eunwoo gif to share with you! You can edit it to whatever you want + NO CREDITS NEEDED!! Just 

1) Don’t claim as your own (aka “I made 100% of this edit! DON’T REPOST!” No. You didn’t make the gif. Don’t say you made it just say “Don’t repost” that’s fine)
2) Don’t distribute it, saying it is yours and you made it. I will kill you.
3) Don’t pretend to be me who sacrificed hours I could have used to bond with people to make this  and say you made this gif

Credit is NOT necessary but it would 10001% be appreciated :)

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I’ll take a deep breath and I’ll grow stronger;