aka hey look I found more songs about fairytales!

Poisoned Apples & Golden Hair part 2 — music for fairytales
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little red riding hood - lily holbrook; and I was walking / through the woods / and you were playing the part / of a little red riding hood / and I was / the big bad wolf

the little mermaid - unwoman; how can you want something more than me? / I give my life for yours, sacrifice my voice / only in hope, a thousand knives in each step, that I may share your soul

beauty and the beast - nightwish; remember the first dance we shared? / recall the night you melted my ugliness away? / the night you left with a kiss so kind / only a scent of beauty left behind

waltz for gerda & kay - michele de wilton; (instrumental)

caperucita - first aid kit; please be aware in dead forest / take your hood dyed in red / trees are weird in dead forest / wolves may be around

professional cinderella - corinna fugate; I don’t mind walking home in the rain / no one can see I’m crying / it camouflages the pain / professional cinderella, I am praying / was it too much to ask for one happy ending?

little red - kate nash; and all the birds and the bees lived so peacefully / and all of the babies, they slept so gently / until little red, little red, little red came knocking

in bluebeard’s castle - unwoman; now he walks beside you with a ring of keys / you do not see the sadistic gleam in his eyes / as he opens the forbidden chamber / he will enjoy murder vicariously / your false step unleashes the fury

the song of the swan maiden - margie butler; in the cold light of the dawning / just as the morning sun did break / I thought I saw her swimming / with the swans upon the lake / on that silent day she vanished / of her song there was no trace

rapunzel - laura brino; do you want me to let down my hair? / you can use it in place of the stairs / if you make it up here, just be careful with me / if you scale my walls I’ll be free

thumbelina - unwoman; she’s too small for the pen / can’t write her story down / too small for the pen / can’t bring her mind around

snow white - corinna fugate; I will stay forever here by your side / the snow falling down, I can’t feel my heart / but I will stay, your snow white, frozen in time / sound asleep by your side