aka flawless queen


So I had an unbelievable time both nights of the Nashville shows. Truly the best two nights of my life! I had row 11 by the cat walk the first night (aNdbrjdjejej cant breathe still). Night 2, I had ok seats in section 104….. until something awesome happened. Your crew came and picked my family & I to come to the soundbooth where I jammed with your SWEETHEART mother and met the BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING Abigail!! It was so kind and generous I can’t explain to you how thankful I am for that experience!! So awesome!!!!! (My dad was even jamming so hard in the soundbooth…. & it’s hard to get that to happen lol)

But I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed that there was no Loft 89 that night. I will forever wonder if I would have been picked to meet the FLAWLESS QUEEN (aka you) if there had been one.

I am trying to talk my parents into going to the Tampa show. It’s an 8 hour drive and Nashville was already a pricy trip, so they have one condition….. to get you to approve of it. I would DIE to be able to see you again. So if you wanna like or reply or reblog or something like that to give them the hint, that would be oh so kind of you. I would absolutely love to see you again in Tampa or maybe even meet you…….