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How’s it going bro, my name’s Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie. I was on my way to a big live fan meet in Dubai when the bank froze all my accounts for unknown reasons. I was like, WHAAAAT? That’s not awesome, bros. Anyway, now I need you fans more than ever to donate via cash transfer to my friend Maxwell’s account to get me through this awesome fan event and back to Sweden, where I’ll pay you back threefold using my millions of dollars once this whole thing’s been sorted out. Be a bro. Help Pewds out. *brofist*

More on the Alexiuses

Everything Alexius says/does from the time you meet him is an act. He may not fully oppose what he’s setting into motion, but he would never be at the front of it if it weren’t for Felix.

As soon as Dorian walks into Redcliff castle and confronts him “This is exactly what you and I talked about never wanting to happen” EVERYTHING falls off. He just stops, he becomes himself, and all of his concern turns to Felix. His only argument any further from that point on in the game is “I have to save Felix.” When he stands before you at Skyhold, his only regret is that he couldn’t save Felix. He doesn’t care beyond that.

And when he loses, when he knows it’s over, when he knows the Inquisition is going to take him prisoner and he will be abandoned by the Imperium, guess who consoles him?

Felix. Felix lowers himself to his knees beside him and tells him it’s going to be okay. Felix is dying, and he’s losing his father at the same time, and he is the one with a strong face, telling Alexius that it’s going to be all right. When it’s not, for either of them.

And of course, Alexius’s concern is the same as always, it’s not going to be okay because Felix is going to die.

All I’m saying is, that if I had a son that was as amazing as Felix, I would probably destroy the world in an attempt to save him too.

The signs as youtubers

Aries- Dan Howell 

Taurus- Jenna Marbles

Gemini- Miranda Sings

Cancer- Tyler Oakley

Leo- Shane Dawson

Virgo- Hannah Hart

Libra- Zoella 

Scorpio- Grace Helbig

Sagittarius- Phil Lester 

Capricorn- Felix Kjellberg (aka Pewdiepie)

Aquarius- Ryan Higa

Pisces- Mamrie Hart



6sterlingskulls and i were discussing shenanigans last night about an AU where Locus and Felix mishandle a gun smuggling op under a flower shop cover

they’re probably not as incompetent as we’d like them to be but the potential for everything to go wrong is amazing

also i’ve never watched boys over flowers i just wanted to make the joke

Locus pls carry your bonsai properly you’re making him unhappy

ps: your move, Sterling. write the thing :P

anonymous asked:

Nathalie was Ladybug and Gabriel was Chat (Felix) and Chat became bad (like he was in the beginning) and wanted more miraculouses (like he did in the beginning of the 2d version) and then ladybug and chat got in a fight and Nathalie took and hid both of their miraculouses... Later she began working for Gabriel (aka fEliX) since she liked him sm and was really desperate meanwhile he got ahold of another miraculous and nathalie made it so that other kids would find the miraculouses


This is so well thought out, I absolutely adore it!


I’ve noticed that a lot of people in the teens choice awards have been throwing shade at bunch of the YouTubers which was extremely rude. Even though as a joke or whatever it’s still mean. Yeah it seems a little immature that they are famous for talking to a camera and they don’t do much “work” they still put effort that we need to appreciate
And I’m feel really bad for Felix aka pewdiepie actually because he got the most hate.People should really leave him alone. Honestly it’s his anniversary with his girlfriend who he loves and celebrating 4 years together and then you are all throwing him this shade when he should be having a nice holiday anniversary with his girlfriend? Like really leave him alone
Also for tho other YouTubers like Joey, Tyler, etc. they deserve some slack too sure they may not have win but you shouldn’t throw some hair on them. They are YouTubers. Maybe they aren’t so “serious” but teens today look upon them as human beings that are amazing. They teach kids how to be nice and inspired them to keep going. Do you have any idea how many lives they saved??
Yeah so if you actually read this I really hope we can get a better apologise for the teen choice, eonline or whoever. Because they don’t mess with #teaminternet

PS. Thanks for Jenna, Tyler, Connor, Korey, Joey and all the other YouTubers who defended themselves :)


If you watch Felix (aka pewdiepie) you’ll get this

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maybe now’s the time to be alive

a mix for everyone’s favourite immortal crew, along with an origin story song for each member noted in the annotations
(aka: felix had a spotify playlist with a shit ton of fakehaus songs and he just wanted to use some of them)

1. molecules - atlas genius ♔ 2. runaway - ed sheeran ♔ 3. female robbery - the neighbourhood ♔ 4. feel alive - anavae ♔ 5. the run and go - twenty one pilots ♔ 6. duality - set it off ♔ 7. robbers - the 1975 ♔ 8. panic station - muse ♔ 9. dance miserable - patrick stump ♔ 10. we are the radio - new politics ♔ 11. na na na - my chemical romance ♔ 12. why worry - set it off ♔ 13. i’m so sorry - imagine dragons ♔ 14. old scars / future hearts - all time low ♔ 15. new generation - new politics