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We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives, done things that no apology can heal. But you just have to keep going, try to find some new happiness. No matter how much you’ve lost. The strange thing is, losing those people was what brought us together. It’s how we found each other. It’s what made us… f a m i l y.

The Adrien Diaries...

30 Jan 2017

…so I went back to school. Mistakes were made.

I made a pun about Marinette’s “nice buns” today while we were eating lunch and she looked like she was about to pass out. Nino was laughing so hard he shot juice out his nose.

I meant the buns her mom had sent for her lunch, but… Shes still not talking to me.

Why am I like this?

-Adrien Insert-Foot-In-Mouth Agreste

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Road To Purgatory Tumblr

With the increase of new fans to the show and the Earper fandom, I wanted to get this out there. The link above is The Road Purgatory tumblr aka Nicole Haught’s diary that the Wynonna Earp cast/crew put out there for us. Please reblog and share.

The page is password protected. Please enter the following for the password: S3J-A0E (Note: 0 is the number zero, not the letter O. Make sure to include the dash.).

aienkien [合縁奇縁] | Travlyn

AU: gods au (belongs to @crybabytime)

summary: have you heard the story of the sun and the moon? Travlyn.

a/n: you mention you were feeling low, so here’s a little present to you because you deserve something sweet and good; I hope this makes you smile, hun! If not, maybe a good chuckle? This is just inspired by the cute idea of the worshippers being, essentially, shippers of the gods au universe,,,

warning(s): prepare for the romance clichés, fluff, mention of other pairings



(n.) A couple strangely but happily united; uncanny relationship formed by a quirk of fate; the mysteries of attraction and relationships or bonds between two people.

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Six: Today has the makings of a lovely day!

River: Really?

Six: Mm, we could, you know, go for a walk along the beach later…

River: We could…

Six: And I spy a little store selling ices at the end of the pier!

River: Oh yes!

Six: We could, um, dream… a little…


I’m not okay with how adorable these two were in The Diary of River Song, not in the slightest. What did I do to deserve a scene where Six and River have tea together and he bashfully proposes a date inside her dreams? What did I do to deserve any of the Six/River scenes? (I know they had to save the world ‘n all… I kinda wish they had been able to dream together I’m so schmaltzy…)

skam hiatus diaries (aka how extra is henrik holm today)

dear diary,

17.12. i’m still in shock over the finale but i’m hoping we’ll a get a trailer within a month

31.12. i’m growing more desperate by the day but thankfully henrik posted that hotel scene bts pic and julie wrote an evak au oneshot so i might make it into 2017 after all

24.1 henrik and ulrikke hung out so life was good at least for a night even tho no sign of the trailer

7-9.2 i can’t believe henrik invented bandanas

8.2. there is a stupid poll with 64 ships but who cares, it’s not like a tiny fandom like skam could win…

10.2. what is a poll, i don’t know a poll i only know that henrik holm is king of weed and extraness who unfollowed a bunch of ppl to keep his perfect 420 aesthetic

12.2. where’s the trailer, our careful calculations led us to believe today was the day

19.2. henrik carried around a dog like a baby and wore pink. fandom totally did not lose it’s shit. at all.

20.2. a ski mask is only appropriate attire if you’re about to steal the s4 script,, pls go back to petting puppies

21.2. henrik meowed into the camera, in a parallel universe vilde was proud

24.2. send nudes (not me)

25.2. a rare sighting of tarjei in his natural habitat (aka antiteateret)

27.2. henrik touched his lip and wore an alt er love cap. i’m ok,,

28.2. rainbow hoodie? rainbow hoodie.

5.3. today was the day julie andem generated a meme

2-5.3. guess who’s (vi)king of the alps

5.3. i don’t have time to think abt a trailer bc the sharks are coming to get us

6.3. after hours of murdering captchas just when you thought those evak bts stills would be the highlight of the day henrik holey socks holm decided it was a good day to make his ‘suck my board’ comeback. needless to say fandom never quite recovered from the onslaught of memes

8.3. first, even took all the paper towels. then he took isak’s heart. now, they both took home a win for the google drive fandom!

9.3. tarjei winked at us. okay it might’ve been from the video preview of his show but still. ngl we lost it

11.3. draped in a rainbow flag then wearing a weed cap, henrik proved he’s master of speaking spanish. also pardon his french but,, suck my board cutie

13.3. (drop the trailer al)ready


I promise, I will come back for you… I love you.

                                                                                 I love you, too.