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Mistress Queen ( King George X Reader )

Soo, @more-ham-imagines (aka Capt. Cici my fellow countrylady) says: “ YOU SHOULD WRITE KING GEORGE STUFF AND HERCULES STUFF AND JUST I DONT HAVE A PROMPT BUT SOMETHING WITH ONE OF THEM. -Capt. Cici”. After given thinking, I picked King George, for I already have an imagine with Mulligan (find it here!), so here ya go.

I wasn’t so sure about this imagine on the beginning but it honestly made me fall in love with George. After given research, I discovered this lil’ pumpkin had a severe mental illness and, after finding out, his wife, Charlotte, didn’t want to sleep on the same bedroom he did. This is fanfiction, so not all of it is historically accurate, but I still sorta like it. Enjoy!

Word Count: 1.573

Warnings: language, mental illness allusion.

George had been lying awake, staring at his ceiling, for almost an hour now. A letter from one of his General’s in the New Land had just come in, and it made the King realize how bad their situation war. Of all the fucked up things that happened in his life, losing America was the one that scared him the most. How could he lose an entire colony so fast?

He sat up on his bed, deciding to push those thoughts away for now. Walking up to his door and opening it, he found a guard making vigil on the outside. He turned around and bowed at George’s sight. “Your Grace”, he greeted. “It’s the middle of the night. How can I serve you?”

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