aka camilas eyes

We can feel energy
We can feel how excited you are
And we love you
But before we go, we want you to quiet down for a sec
Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Count to three
Make sure you are breathing
Picture yourself in front of a mirror
Staring at your reflection
Look at yourself
What do you want to tell her or him
What is your reflection saying to you
Now I want you to talk to your reflection
Look into your eyes and tell yourself
I am brave
I have a voice and I am strong enough to over come my fears
I can stand up for what I believe in and I can stand up for myself
I can stand up for others because I am brave
I am honest
I can recognize the beauty of the world without disregarding the bad
I want to make this world and myself better because I am honest
I am beautiful
My body
Every shape and every scar and every flaw and curve and thing that society tells me is wrong
My mind, my heart, my spirit
I am so beautiful
Now I want you to open your eyes and look around you
At each other
Smile at the person next to you and recognize that they are also brave and have gone through battles in life that they thought they would lose
They are honest
They are hopeful
And they are beautiful
Just like you
And together, tonight
We are all brave
We are all honest
And we are so so beautiful

Fifth Harmony’s Monologue before singing Brave Honest Beautiful

The Reflection Tour