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The Pine Brothers™.. aka Keith and Shiro pining over Lance and Allura


“it’s not like i lie awake at night thinking about him……….….”

“… uh oh.”


one of my favorite videos of all time

Just something for mah awesome brother @o0jaywolf0o I mean like Bro ur art IMPROVED in such a SHORT TIME thats sooo amazing. Im really glad to have a brother/friend liek you, rn im just a ghost candy child declared by our precious sistah @blazeen (Luv u btw) and yea Keep on being amazing Bro–  

I Luv chu <3 

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Even tho Cassie Clare was problematic at first, she got a whole lot better in her later books- Jem in TID, Cristina in TDA, etc. The Last Hours series is going to be released starting either 2018 or 2019, and it's going to have two biracial (British-Iranian) siblings. One of them will be a focal POV main character. Her name's Cordelia. Unfortunately the fandom thinks she is white because she has red hair. I wonder if they ignored the fact she has brown skin and speaks Farsi?

Cassandra Clare might have characters of color and LGBT+ characters in her books, and she might try to seem “inclusive” and “progressive” with “her” work. I think, however, that she utterly fails at that. Under the cut, a list of all the reasons why her diversity isn’t worth much, and why I don’t think anyone should be giving her any more money, as she will just keep on dissapointing. Call this… 

The Cassandra Clare is inexcusable masterpost: 

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Undertale IRL

It’s here! The whole kick from the kitstarter has arrived! my box of friendship is number 11, if you got one, let us know whose is yours!

Pictured with some additional friends who arrived along the way - Prescription for Sleep, Vinyl and Extended Dog Song!! Still need to obtain a wardrobe and an army of plastic buddies but oh, ow, that Brexit Britain economy!

In the mean time, we’ve got all these cheerful friends! Featuring classic friends such as Ghoatly Jellybeap, Platonic Concept of Mama, <3s, Ahriman AKA Angra Mainyu brother of Ahura Mazda, Froggems, …Jerry, the one friend with the moths, Heckguy and As A Slime! 

Horso! Boat! The Pain of Living! Mr. Onion! Is that a Sims feeling meter! Slime or Rock! ‘Tentacle’! No seriously, is that one a Sim’s emotional gauge? Hard Mode Bug!

Plus he made them sticky so they’re even more fun! Skully! Tall Skull! Lisard! Date Lizard~! That Cupcake Spider Is Adorable! No, I Mean The One That Is A Cupcake But The One That Makes Em Is Rad Too! A Head! A Whole Head! DANCE! Guy Who Seriously Grinded Out Friendship Gold! Volcanx! Candlor! Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits! 

~Spooky Merch~

More friends than you know what to do with including hell faces why do they remain when I close my eyes!

The Amazing Extended Dog

The House of the Rising FUN! (located in Now Orleans, the dad is bad with names)

Whats in The Box??

Oh, yeah Undertell

It is not hands that open the box, it is desire

Also last count I believe is 7 confirmed dogs and a dog boat (maybe…??) but some dog watchers have rated it possibly as high as 51! This is if you factor in dog boat legs as individual dogs, contemplate amalgam dogs dogginess and consider hot dogs to be dogs (when in fact they are actually a kind of grass, you see em down by rivers all the time) 

got a dog number? let us know but show your working!

this one? definitely a dog, what else has bones

answer- THIS GUY!! (same guy, but definitely dog, note the bone)

great! so I have a little home for my art book friend too! I hope I can download the latest art book onto it to update them pesky pages!


With special guest star: THIS ISN’T EVEN MY VINYL FORM!

ACT 2: SECRET ACT (don’t look until 10th of october 8pm or cheat and make it that time!)

tiny cryptid, highly secret

cos ya need ‘can do’ to spell canon donut

ps (thank you!!)

i would like some people in the skam fandom to remember one thing – this is sana’s season. please stop pushing this beautifully strong and well-written woman of colour to the sidelines to further your white narrative. sana is the main character of season four. sana is the main character of the final season. a powerful, independent muslim woman who demands respect named sana bakkoush is the main character of this season and i would like you all to remember that. 

Bree & her twin brother Alex (aka Adventures of Bree & Alex - Part 1)

This is an idea I had recently. What if Bree wasn’t the only child born? What if she was a twin? This AU tells the story of what would have happened if Bree and her twin brother Alex found out about their biological father from a resentful Frank, and they travel back in time to meet Jamie. Let me know what you think and if you would like me to write more!

“Pick your feet up Alex, before Mama finds our letter and comes after us,” Bree demanded of her twin brother. It was only last week they found out about their true parentage, but they had unanimously decided they needed to know who their real father was after what they overheard Frank saying the night before.

“Says the girl..who’s only carrying..a bottle of water,” Alex huffed as he lugged their satchels over his broad shoulders.

“If what Mama said is true, tonight is the perfect night for the travel. Do you think it’ll be hard to find him?”

“I’m not sure..depends on how accurate Dad’s information is,” Alex managed as his breathing became more even as the landscape leveled out.

“Do not call him that. He’s not our dad anymore.”

“Umm, Bree – ”

“No Alex. He lied to us. For our entire lives! He knew our real dad was alive and he hid it from us!”

“Bree - ”

“And what he did to Mama?! He forced her to keep our dad a secret! And he never even told her he was alive!! What kind of human being does that?!”

“BREE - ”

“If I hadn’t found that letter he wrote to Reverend Wakefield, we would have never found out the truth! He’s a piece of shit Alex and I never want to see him ever again! And you’re a piece of shit too if you don’t think the same!”

Alex stopped in his tracks. Refusing to make eye contact with her brother, Bree stopped as well, crossing her arms. The silence between them lasted a few very long and palpable seconds.

“I wasn’t going to defend him Bree. What he did was seriously messed up. I was going to say, we’re here.”

Bree looked up and saw the stones less than a 100 yards away.


“Would you like to apologize to me now or after we get up to the stones?”

Bree, being as stubborn as her mother, knew she had crossed the line. Turning to face her brother, “I’m sorry Alex. I’m just…I just can’t believe all this is happening. How could we ever explain this to anyone? Hello, my name is Bree. My mother touched a stone and traveled 200 years into the past where she fell in love and married my father, but then he forced her to travel back to the present so she could safely have me because he thought he was about to die, but then he didn’t die so my brother and I are going to travel back in time to meet him. We’d be locked up for sure if we told anybody! IT’S COMPLETE AND UTTER MADNESS!

Alex walked over to his sister, who was obviously close to having a mental breakdown, and wrapped his arms around her. She was nearly as tall as him, only and inch or so different, but she still curled into his protective embrace.

“I know. But, Mama will understand. Maybe not right away, but she will. And we’re getting the opportunity to do something magical. Something that is written about in fairy tales. We’re going to travel in time to see our father. It’s all going to be okay.”

Bree stifled the tears that were near the edge of her eyelids, gave her brother one last squeeze, and then took a step back.

“You’re right,” she stated as she stood up taller, pretending the moment of vulnerability never happened. Turning back towards the stones and breaking into stride, she declared with a new level of determination, “let’s go meet our father.”

plot where ‘i had a bad break up with my ex of 4 years who cheated on me, and treated me like dirt and wow i just found out i’m pregnant and he’s the father so here comes the emotional breakdown and late night pounding on his front door. But oops you’re not him, you’re his brother and you’re being really kind to me and calming me down, and those kisses on the top of my head are so new to me.’ also referred to as the plot where Muse A is pregnant, her manipulative ex boyfriend is the father, however Muse B aka his brother had always had a thing for Muse A. The night Muse A comes banging on his brothers door while Muse B is staying there for a while, he consoles her and decides to help her through the break up and pregnancy. However feelings get involved, drama, fights, and his older/younger brother isn’t so happy about it. Yes pls


personally I blame ironwrath for all the modern AU headcanons