aka bonsai



6sterlingskulls and i were discussing shenanigans last night about an AU where Locus and Felix mishandle a gun smuggling op under a flower shop cover

they’re probably not as incompetent as we’d like them to be but the potential for everything to go wrong is amazing

also i’ve never watched boys over flowers i just wanted to make the joke

Locus pls carry your bonsai properly you’re making him unhappy

ps: your move, Sterling. write the thing :P

How to care for a Senbonzakura (aka walking bonsai tree), a guide by Shiro || @scxxtter

  1. Lay on. Even when ridiculed. He has excellent thigh pillows.
  2. Be playfully mean. 
  3. Use liberal insults and sarcasm.
  4. Taunting Is Good. Physical Aggression Is Better.
  5. Don’t talk about his master. Ever. It’ll piss him off for some reason or another. Just avoid the subject altogether. 
  6. Know how to regenerate your own limbs
  7. Stabbing = Flirting
  8. Don’t Touch The Mask
  9. Probably don’t eat him. In the cannibal way at least.