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Please don't watch leaked copies of Ben's short films!

I’d hope it would go without saying, but leaked copies of Ben’s short films put on places like Youtube hurt small film production companies and young directors.  Each view on Youtube instead of buying access from a legitimate source like wearecolony is money that doesn’t go toward the people who made that film you’re enjoying, and it’s views that aren’t verifiable for an artist’s portfolio.  When you support a small production house for taking a chance on new directors, you’re telling that distributor that you like the choices those directors are making, be it subject matter or shooting style or cast.  You’re not only saying “thank you” to someone for creating the things you like, you’re putting money in their pockets so they can continue to make things you like.  Please, please wait for The Muse to come out in a place you can pay for it.

anonymous asked:

london spy sounds like an ambutious fanfic made into a tv show :D when do you think we can expect a trailer/teaser if at all?

I think it depends on when it starts airing, but we won’t see a lot of ads or trailers for it until maybe a month out, probably.  Ben’s a big name and there are other big names attached, but I remember the earliest trailers for In the Flesh hitting BBC America only about three weeks before the show started airing, and Broachurch got about the same.  Here in the States, at least, it’ll be fairly short notice.  It may be a longer lead up in the UK?