aka americano

Welcome to “Stucky with Thor as their roommate” headcanons.
Aka “Iced Americano with a shot of espresso”.

-Waking Steve up by banging Thor’s hammer against Bucky’s arm.

-Scaring the shit out of Sam/Clint/whatever poor unfortunate guest is visiting, by banging Thor’s hammer against Bucky’s arm (they aren’t stupid enough to try this on Natasha).

-Trying to out drink each other. Nobody wins.

-Steve and Bucky introduce Thor to 40s music; he introduces them to Asgardian music.

-They’re two of the only people here Thor can play sports with. Frisbee gets really intense.

-Stucky teaching Thor swears they used in the army and him teaching them Asgardian swears and eventually they start combining them in creative ways and no one else knows what the hell they’re saying but it can’t possibly mean anything nice.

-Mjolnir, the shield, and a sniper rifle hang on hooks by the door for easy access when running out to do some world-saving.

-The first laundry day they realize they can’t tell any of their clothes apart so Bucky sews their initials into all of them them.

-Thor describing Asgard to Steve and Steve trying to draw what he describes. The results range from freakishly accurate to “were you even listening?”


-Thor likes late night walks, which works out nicely when Steve and Bucky need time alone together. They don’t need to thank him, he understands, but they always do anyway.

-Quiet Sunday mornings: Steve sipping coffee and sketching the view from the window; Bucky in an apron making pancakes; Thor reading the morning paper and chuckling at the comics.

Please feel free to add ideas, I need other people to be down for this~