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You guys may have already seen this but I was reading about the ATX Festival and their statement says this: "We have all the functionality of a traditional film festival – spotlighting classic shows, never-aired pilots, cancelled too soon series, cult favorites, current hits and premieres of new series." Cancelled too soon series!! I'm not sure exactly what that means but I think it could be a real chance to save Pitch!

We think ATX Festival is the perfect place to start a #PickUpPitch conversation! We have a pretty big plan in place to start that conversation. It is our biggest hope that Mr. Hulu aka Craig Erwich and the runners of Pitch, Kevin Falls and Paris Barclay will all have a chat about taking our team to Hulu. 

Hopefully we can get ourselves into the conversation and in front of the eyes of Hulu. Pitch was a festival darling last year. Let’s stay positive and see what happens. 



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Do you think the new Tokyo ghoul re series is going a bit slow? Its so many questions to answered 1) Like what exactly did they do to kaneki 2) what happened to the coffee shop old man aka the owl 3) where is Amon 5) what relationship does arima have with kaneki That he didn't kill him when they met 6)is suzuya a ghoul because his leg all better..well it might be a prosthetic but still you never know I'm not to sure where it's going I understand we just started but I haven't felt the point

…It has only been 12 chapters ^^;;; If everything is answered in 12 chapters, that would be a mad rush, just like Studio Pierrot jammed in 60+ chapters into 12 episodes.

I know for some who binge-read 143 chapters of TG in one sitting, waiting one chapter a week must have felt real slow, but 12 chapters are not a lot in term of content, that’s not even 2 volumes.

In short 12 chapters, we already saw Ayato, Hinami, Akira, Hirako, Donato, Nishiki, Arima, Suzuya, Touka and Yomo reintroduced. We also got to see teasers of Tsukiyama and Amon. Along with this, we were also introduced with a bunch of new characters, and given a lot of insight on how CCG operates, and bits of information of TG world after the time skip.

I mean how many people expected to see the revelation of Sasaki is Kaneki as early as chapter 7? Or that we will see Touka as soon as Chapter 9?

Personally, I think TG:re pacing is pitch perfect. Every chapter is filled with information, build up, teasers and character development, while also manages to flow together and be entertaining at the same time.

TG:re thus far has accomplished much more in 12 chapters than the original TG. I don’t think anyone can tell me what’s the point of TG in just 12 chapters, other than Kaneki is trying to survive in ghoul world. Thus far in TG:re, you also see Sasaki is trying to survive as a ghoul investigator.

As for the list of questions, while no straightforward answer has been given, plenty of hints and foreshadowing have been dropped. TG is one of those manga that searching for clues and details can be worthwhile. So while the wait for next chapter might be difficult, it’s a good idea to reread the previous chapters again. You might be surprised with how much hints and details Ishida-sensei has put into his manga, and who knows you might find clues to the questions you asked.