A friend and I were in the middle of planning our joint venture, when we he suddenly brought forward an idea to define our group. 

“What if we created our own genre?”

I was a little cynical, as creating a whole new genre is an incredibly difficult thing to do. It takes a lot of innovation to do so. But then we continued to talk and it began to actually sound feasible. My friend is taking a long hiatus from music, so I figured I’ll explain it instead. 

We’ve decided to call our genre “143”.

143 is commonly interpreted as “I Love You”. This is exactly what we want our music to express. However, it does not refer to love in the romantic sense. Moreso, it is referring to love as a virtue of kindness and compassion towards our fellow people. 

Also, rather than being categorised according to it’s musicality, it is actually based on the context of the songs within it. The music exists as “143” for the sole purpose of communicating feelings from one human soul to another.

Aside from the medium that it’s presented in, 143 is not influenced by the culture of musical genres. It is a straight product of human expression, to be felt by one human from another.

To put it simply, 143 is nothing but honest music, unrestricted by musical genre.

I myself have struggled to find a place in music. I felt that, even though I rap, being labelled as a “rapper” never felt right. My mindset towards rapping, never seemed to align with any other rapper. While most rappers are busy trying to compete with each other, I prefer to write about things that are closer to me as a person.

“Inspirera: Volume Three” is a 143 mixtape.