Improved AK-107, 60 round Quad Stack Magazine & Holo Sight

The Russian Military have been testing a new version of the AK-107 which features an enhanced stock along with top and side rails. The 2011 model had the old-style stock and no side rails.
The reason the gas tube extends all the way to the front sight is because it houses the AK-107 balanced recoil mechanism.
In my opinion I think that it is a great looking ak, especially with that stock and the quad stack.
Photos from the Kavkas 2012 military exercise. The scope on the Orsis is supposedly a Daedalus DH-3 12×50 and the red dot on the AK-107 is called Merlin-M. The ear protection is called GSSH-01.

Question for AK Owners

Guy listing a
For 3k, he agreed to 2200, should I press for lower, not buy? Comes only with 5 round mag.

Mit einer Woche Verspätung melden wir uns mit dem ak107 zurück. Bernd, Toby und ich haben unter anderem über Whatsapp und den Facebook Messenger gesprochen, den Börsengang von twitter angeschnitten, Diskutiert ob das iPad Air das bessere iPad mini ist. Nicht zu vergessen das Misfit Shine und der Belkin Lightning Dock für das iPad.

Viel Spaß mit dieser Folge und Kommentare bitte fleißig dort hinterlassen.