I remember you. Me sitting in the corner playing with some shitty little toy, watching you come over to work my mom. She’d beg you to leave. She cried and, oh, man, you’d just do anything, even offer to score for her, just so you could get what you wanted. But you never got it, did you? See, my mom, she hated them. But she hated you more. In the end, she’s a Cody. And I’m a Cody, too.

splatoon asks!!
  • i didn't see any of these so send the reblogger a number or multiple numbers and have them answer!!
  • 1: what do you main?
  • 2: do you prefer the boy inkling or girl inkling? why?
  • 3: what do you think of roller users?
  • 4: favourite shop? whjy?
  • 5: favourite npc? why?
  • 6: do you find the squid scrolls interesting?
  • 7: what is your favourite game mode?
  • 8: do you have an opinion on octarians?
  • 9: do you own or want an amiibo?
  • 10: which squid sister - callie or marie? why?
  • 11: what's your favourite stage?
  • 12: out of the current splatfests, which sides did you take?
  • 13: do you have any ideas for splatfest polls/choices?
  • 14: what ink colour do you like best?
  • 15: do you take your losses well?
  • 16: do you care more about level or coin?
  • 17: least favourite weapon?
  • 18: do you play with friends often?
  • 19: do you have a splatsona? if not what do you think of them? do you want one?
  • 20: does your inkling share your name? why or why not?
  • 21: what's your opinion on the miiverse?
  • 22: do you post very much on miiverse?
  • 23: do you take judd's advice very often?
  • 22: do you use spyke's services?
  • 23: do you visit the splatoon wikia?
  • 24: were you excited when you heard about splatoon?
  • 25: what's your preferred special?