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For this class of mine we are supposed to design a theoretical restaurant. I was the only person to decide to base theirs out of an existing location. It's a historical theater where i live in anchorage Alaska. It's been closed for years. Called the 4th avenue theater. I can't find many good photos of the inside but I'm told it's art deco interior was gorgeous. I was wondering if you could explain art deco a bit more, because I don't seem to be able to pick up the general feel it gives people.

You are right, there are a very limited number of images from the Fourth Avenue Theatre in Anchorage, Anchorage, AK (included in this post are a number of images from the Library of Congress).

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Look Ali doesn't need to support the kneeling protest. What she said was very from the heart and you should be grateful she even talked about it at all

lol nah.

she didn’t speak in favor of trump, so i’m going to assume she’s not because it doesn’t seem like her, but i’m also not gonna be grateful she gave a bullshit answer about a very heavy topic. i’m done accepting scraps of ambiguous support from white celebrities when they can do way better.

exhibit a: megan rapinoe, white, who has been kneeling for pretty much an entire year & had to deal with literally half of american soccer fans hating her & us soccer banning kneeling while celebrating pride bc!! they’re!! so!! progressive!!

exhibit b: becky sauerbrunn, also white, who stayed in the tunnel during the national anthem with megan rapinoe during the fckc v reign game & has had a history of tweeting explicit support (not some copy paste message from her publicist that could be interpreted 30 different ways) for marginalized groups that she is not a part of.

she says she’s never felt more divided?? lol cool, imagine how us poc feel, the ones who actually have to pay for the division every single day we exist.

this year, 2017, there was a pro white supremacy protest that killed a person & injured several others, & then there was a message from our “president” condemning both sides, as if they’re even comparable. recycling some overused “let’s choose love/accept everyone/i’m white but i don’t wanna lose fans/everyone needs to do better/yay togetherness” speech means absolutely nothing anymore.

let me repeat; there are nazi marches happening right now. there are people with torches (albeit, tikki torches) yelling “jews will not replace us” & “white pride” & other kkk/nazi slogans. these are groups that have a history of violence & a history of using that violence on literally anyone who isn’t like them.

the fact that ali isn’t willing to blatantly speak out against freakin nazis & the kkk because she’s afraid of backlash says more about her than her “spread love” message ever could.

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Wow had no clue the future IG story was a clapback. Thought it was random at the time.

I mean when someone is saying you’re out cheating on your significant other and then you post a vid of you and your significant other smiling&dancing it’s kinda of a clap back lol considering ak doesn’t really post alot of stuff with ash in it.