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For this class of mine we are supposed to design a theoretical restaurant. I was the only person to decide to base theirs out of an existing location. It's a historical theater where i live in anchorage Alaska. It's been closed for years. Called the 4th avenue theater. I can't find many good photos of the inside but I'm told it's art deco interior was gorgeous. I was wondering if you could explain art deco a bit more, because I don't seem to be able to pick up the general feel it gives people.

You are right, there are a very limited number of images from the Fourth Avenue Theatre in Anchorage, Anchorage, AK (included in this post are a number of images from the Library of Congress).

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Okay I can explain (that’s my first ever post about AK on my personal blog btw). Admittedly, I sorta forgot about him having sex with Nicky. Whether you love or hate any character is hard to determine on this show. That is exactly why I love the character writing. Deran must confront his sexuality, Smurf has to face her past, and Pope… Don’t even get me started cuz he’s in deep shit. There’s so many complex layers to everyone that we don’t know who to emotionally invest in and that, to me, is the intrigue of Animal Kingdom.