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you can tell organization 13 apart based on just their coats??

Yes. o u o

Xemnas is one of the bulkiest, he has large open sleeves. You see him the most through KH2 and I know him on spot also cause I can smell cheap hair gel when he passes by.

Xigbars is tight as well (Him, Demyx and Axel all share this) He is also part of the shoulder pads club. 

Xaldins is the buffest (asides maybe Lexaeus) granted you rarely see those two together. His sleeves literally stay the same from the shoulder to the cuff, baggy hasn’t been in style for years…well neither have shoulder pads.

Vexens is rather big on him, not very form fitting. If you can’t tell it’s him by his coat you can probably tell it’s him by the stench of failure and betrayal. Look at him. Hiding his failure hands.

Lexaeus, holy crap. This dude is ripped. Form fitting sleeves that flare out. His upper torso is the largest, if you feel an earthquake nearby, you may have a Lexaeus on the loose.

Zexion is the least form fitting of all. It has to be baggy enough so he can hide back into his coat like a turtle. He enjoys reading in there and thinking of more ways to mentally torture Riku.

Saix shares the same coat that Xemnas does but with TOP shoulder pads, he likes to take Xemnas’s old coats. He does this in hopes Xemnas will acknowledge him, never happens. He is the only one sporting the top shoulder pad that prominent. Keep trying to be different, he may notice you one day.

Axel has the tightest coat of all. He is so skinny cause he’s so hot (literally), burning them calories all the time man. Rumor has it when he walks he squeaks cause of how skin tight the coat is. You can tell its him easily from behind cause his hood has a bunch of holes in it from his hair piercing through.

Demyx coat is similar to Axel, make it as tight as it comes. Biggest difference is he has shoulder pads that could stab your eye out. King of the shoulder pads. a mullet and shoulder pads, you poor water child.

Luxord has the largest arm holes (asides Zexion), he has to hide all his cards in there. He runs a magician act on the side so he has all kinds of things stored in his sleeves. Shoulder pad club members growing in numbers. Form fitting in the chest but arm room for days.

Marluxias coat has hair dye stains on it and smells like roses. Not much else to say.

Larxene Boobs.

Roxas is the shortest of the bunch, loose coat. If confused look for the clown shoes.

Xion has the second tinniest waist but open sleeves. Like Roxas, look at the shoes. While she is the only other girl besides Larxene an easy way to tell them apart is this, is she being a bitch? No. It’s Xion.


[s] Homestuck

Guys this is Homestuck as of the last update

It contains spoliers  and fast moving images 

Homestuck should be updateing in a few days, I hope everyone enjoys this.

We do not know how to say these things, 
the truths, the histories, 
every ugly bit nestled in the gut. 

How long can we carry the entirety
of ourselves?
How long until our spines break from the hidden vastness?

We hold the mythologies holy in our mouths,
and the realities sink fast to the bottom,
where honesty and shame share
the same stained bed. 

Once we start saying the unholy things,
peeling away the paint,
we will never be able to stop.

We will bleed out our stories 
until the stars go out.

—  Emily Palermo, Heavy in My Arms

i actually find it kind of hilarious that someone just started hating hetalia and trying to spam the tag, then a bunch just started following along and promoing themselves in the tag when none of them has actually ever seen hetalia

OOTD. I’m sick and already home from school but I still love today’s outfit. All things are new :)
The jacket is from Forever21
Blouse from Primark
Ripped Black Jeans from Primark
- all bought in London
Shoes did I buy in Hamburg in a shoe shop which name I can’t remember but you get chucks everywhere haha
No hate for my nails ok 😂
I’m gonna sleep now, sick af and yeah good night haha