ak squared


Are you a practical joker or a can’t keep a straight face type of girl?

‘I think I’m more of a can’t keep a straight face type of girl. Like in the movie when the amazing Rebel Wilson was doing some of her amazing improv and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from messing up a take.

Dancer This or That's!

Reblog and bold your favorites

  1. Tap or Clog
  2. Ballet or Jazz
  3. Character or Musical Theater
  4. Lyrical or Contemporary
  5. Hip-hop or Jazz Funk
  6. Tilts or Turns
  7. Leaps or Jumps
  8. Toe Rises or Chest Stands
  9. Contortion or Tumbling
  10. Side Aerials or Front Aerials
  11. En Pointe or In Heels
  12. Large Group or Production
  13. Minis or Juniors
  14. Teens or Seniors
  15. Improve or Choreography
  16. Mollee Gray or Billy Bell
  17. Tokyo or Soyna Tayeh
  18. Brooke Pierotti or Travis Wall
  19. Southern Strutt or Miller Marley Dance Company
  20. Brianna Haire or McKaylee True
  21. Hayden Hopkins or Kalani Hilliker
  22. Dena'h Gregory or Maycee Steele
  23. Brooke Hyland or Payton Ackerman
  24. Fresh Faces or AK Squared
  25. Leotards or Crop Tops and Shorts
  26. New York Ballet or The Rockettes
  27. Dance Moms or So You Think You Can Dance
  28. Flashdance or Footloose
  29. We Work Wednesdays or Freestyle Fridays
  30. Dark Numbers or Sassy Numbers