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cipris  asked:

hi, im sorry im just a broke 15 year old but i really feel for your friend, to be a magazine editor is by biggest dream and i just want to help her achieve this. even if i can only reblog. my name is celeste for the playlist n hc 🌹

thank you for reblogging!! good luck with achieving your dream, if you ever want to write anything for jaded I’m sure shelly would love to read it + she’s a total journalism nerd so she can probably give you some advice if you want it xx @cop-e-nhagen

also your name is so cute!! i love it

Cry Baby - The Neighbourhood

English Town - Matchbox Twenty

Like the Way - Eloïse

Evergreen - Honeywater

Stars - Les Misérables

Take a Slice - Glass Animals

Eyes Shut - Years & Years

Your amortentia smells like: peaches, jasmine, fresh laundry and cut grass

want one?

Dope ass sesh with the black heart assassin krunk, mothership ball rig, Joe Peters dragon, and haterade quave klein. Serendipity, alien tech, and haterade akm skulls :)