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Happy 10th Anniversary to “Desecration Smile”.

I love the feeling when it falls apart.
I’m slow to finish but I’m quick to start and
Beneath the heather lies the meadowlark
And I’m… Slow to finish but I’m quick to start.

Never in the wrong time or wrong place.
Desecration is the smile on my face.
The love I made is the shape of my space,
My face, my face…”    Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Desecration Smile”. 

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers from “Desecration Smile” alternative video. - 2006.

I’m not trying to be the “stage-mom”, pushing him into the stage. He suggested that he was comfortable a verse of that song and I was kinda like “Okay, well, let’s practise” and he’s like “No, I already practise that. I’m good, I’m ready.” He’s a little bit smart than his dad.”  — Anthony Kiedis about Everly Bear on stage, February, 2017.


“I think different bands, have different shelf life and it doesn’t mean that we’re better or worst than a band that didn’t last as long but, I mean, why would you want every band to last thirty years that you need new bands and not every band is meant  for that. It just happened to be our past and since, you know, we sort of became a family along the way tha’s just what we are and what we do know.”   Anthony Kiedis during CFOX interview. - March, 2017.