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Mystic Falls Gang adopting a puppy would include:

Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit

  • Damon not liking the idea first
  • “We have enough problems”
  • Him not wanting to be responsible for the puppy, because puppies pee and shit everywhere, right?
  • Him blaming Stefan, when something happens
  • Him wanting a Husky, instead of the Lab they got
  • Much pouting
  • Damon somehow getting the dog wasted
  • “Well, Stefan, I don’t know how alcohol got into the dog’s water”
  • “He’s alive, relax”
  • Everyone being alarmed when the puppy is somewhere near Damon
  • Damon actually getting super attached to his “dork”
  • cuddling when no one looks

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  • Stefan always being alarmed when the puppy chews something
  • “What are you eating?!”
  • “Who’s idea was that again?”
  • Him always doing the walks
  • Him always cleaning up after his “little buddy”
  • A lot of sighing
  • Him being super protective over the puppy
  • “Damon, stop that!”

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  • Elena always smiling when the puppy is near
  • Her wanting to train the little one
  • When the puppy is not listening (which is always the case), Elena’s pouting the whole day long
  • The puppy chewing and peeing on her shoes
  • Her blaming Stefan because it’s “his dog”
  • Her trying to bribe the dog with bacon treats

Originally posted by xxvampirediaries

  • Caroline always being super excited, when visiting the Salvatores
  • Her having no regrets - “Stefan, do you like puppies? How about you get one?”
  • Taking the dog to a dog spa
  • Trying to paint the puppie’s nails, but Stefan intervening
  • Her taking the dog to “dog meetings” so that he can get “more social with other dogs”
  • Her baking dog cookies and accidentaly eating them
  • Caroline buying lots of counselor books on “dog’s psychology”

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  • Bonnie trying to read the puppie’s mind with a few spells
  • Not even one is working
  • Her persistence is actually working and the puppy is finally sitting on command
  • Her feeling superior to Caroline and Elena
  • “Ha! He likes me”

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  • Kai being ultra excited to meet the dog
  • No one wants him to meet the dog
  • Him putting a sleeping spell on everyone, so that he can finally visit the dog
  • “Hey, doggy doggy!”
  • His voice is always getting a lot higher when he speaks to the puppy
  • The puppy is actually loving him!
  • Everyone being super envious, especially Damon
  • “Why him?! That little dork wasn’t supposed to like the other dork!”
  • Kai and puppy disappearing for three weeks
  • Everyone freaking out
  • “Relax, we just went for a walk”
  • Kai cuddling with the puppy in front of everyone
  • “Is that how love feels like?”
  • Puppy defending Kai from Damon in front of everyone
  • “Look how much he loves me”
  • Kai annoying the fuck out of everyone