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Has Russia adopted the AK-12 yet? Or is the AK-74M/AEK-971 still in?

AEK-971 was only put out as limited as the An94.

There is a new variation of the AEK which is the A5.45.

They have a new variant of the AK74MN:

And the AK12 as you seen it in Battlefield 4 and all that is no longer the AK-12. 

The AK-15 is what is going to be the possible successor in both 5.45 and 7.62x39mm. In all honesty it just seems to me that Izhmash took a lot of hints from FSB and SSO Operators and said “Fuck it, if our Tier 1 guys are modding the guns like that we may as well provide the AK with those specs.”

Note that the sight radius is significantly improved from previous AKs: 

D A N G E R O U S: Chapter 1


Summary: It wasn’t her destiny, but sometimes the world can get switched around and it seemed to happen a lot to her. She always assumed that she would hate it, she wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of it, but as time grew on she realized she loved it, and that made her dangerous.

 "Johnson, we have a meeting in 15 minutes, I want everyone at the table ready to go. This is serious" I tell Jack before walking off to grab plans and notes for tonight’s meeting.

 I enter the meeting room and set a schedule infront of everyone’s seat. Tonight was out last meeting before tomorrow’s big plan. We had a huge shipment in and I just knew, Vincent was going to try and interfere. He always did. 

 "Y/N? CAN YOU COME HERE REALLY QUICK?“ I hear Johnson call me from the top of the basement steps. I rush up cussing under my breath.

"The meeting is starting soon, what the fuck do you need?” I say to jack. That’s when I notice the unfamiliar boy standing next to Dillon.

“The fuck are you?” I ask rudely. I can’t have strangers in this house. 

“Im Taylor Caniff, a good friend of Dillon. I was kinda hoping I can join your gang, I feel I’d be a great asset and I-" 

"This isn’t a fucking job interview. Dillon, do you trust Taylor 100%?” I look at Rupp.

“Absolutely. I’ve known him almost my whole life.” Dillon says nodding rapidly 

“Alright. I’ll think about. Leave and I’ll call you tomorrow with my decision” I say nodding at him to leave my house. 

“but don’t you-" 

"I’ll get all your info don’t worry babe. Now get out” I say turning towards the boys. “You really brought someone I didn’t fucking know in this house? What the hell is wrong with you Dillon? You know we can’t do that.” I say glaring at him before stomping back down the steps.

All the guys followed me sitting in their respective seats. Tatyana was on my right while Kenny was on my left. We 3 sat at the head of the specially designed table. On the Right side sat Johnson, Kenny H, Nate, Matt, Swazz and Nash. On the left side sat Gilinsky, Dillon, Sam, Hayes, Derek and Shawn. 

“Alright everyone. Nash, what’s the status on the actual shipment?” I ask standing as everyone else sits.

“it’s on its way. It’s still on schedule to arrive at approximately… 9:36 pm.” Nash nods up from his laptop. 

“Good. Gilinsky, Johnson, are the trucks and cars ready? Everything packed? I want a checklist of everything you packed now” I turn to look at both boys.

“Well I did the trucks and we have: Specialized Guns, 12 Ak-47’s, 17 Blades, Clubs, and 4 of the bombs made” Gilinsky says reading from a clipboard he has. 

“Okay, directly after the meeting, pack the grenades and fire starters, just incase. Johnson, your turn." 

"In the cars we have, duffel bags, emergency kits, personal hand guns, personal switch blades and body armor." 

"Good, Sam, is the security set up?” The boy stands up and almost knocks shit off the table. 

“Yes mam, I went down today to double check and everything’s good. We will be able to see what’s happening from Nash’s laptop.” He nods with his hands behind his back. 

“Perfect. Nate, remember the plan for you?” I ask quickly.

“Yes mam, we arrive I get ready and me, you and Dillon walk to the warehouse to retrieve the actual shipment, talk to the man, pay him and get out. If Vincent shows up I call in a code red to Nash and Sam and then Swazz, Derek and Matt come in with their job.” He recites straight from memory.

“Exactly. Hayes and Shawn, you’ll have watch duty. We should be back no later than 12. Dillon you’re coming with me and Nate to the actual deal, everything make sense?” I speak to each one of my men. Everyone nods and says yes as I dismiss them. “Nash” I call before he leaves the room.


“Send me all the info you have on Taylor Caniff. I want in within the next three hours okay?” I say at the boy packing up my things. 

“Of course. I’ll have it to you before dinner.” He smiles before walking out of the room and up the stairs. 

“I really hope Vincent doesn’t show up" I say to Tatyana and Kenny. I gather my things and walk up the stairs with the two trailing behind me.

Once I reach the top of the stairs I smell delicious food. I look over and see our professional Chef, Jared, making us lasagna with garlic bread I smiled and cheered.

“Dinners almost ready, so everyone wash up” Jared says kindly to us. All the boys rush either to their rooms our fight for the kitchen sick and hallway bathroom to wash their hands first. I roll my eyes and walk up stairs to the bedroom beside mine.

I walk in and see my babygirl standing in her crib. She’s teething so her toy is stuck in her mouth with drool running down her chin and chest. 

“Baby girl, are you hungry?” I speak lightly to the little girl. She’s a little over a year old and I love her with my heart. All the guys do. But only they know she exists. 

First rule in running a gang, don’t have fucking kids and tell the world. People will come after the child and it will be so much drama.

I named her Nyx, after the Greek goddess who is the embodiment of night and darkness. Her hair is dark but she actually has light eyes. Her skin is fairly tan and her lips are already big. I carry her downstairs and she gets excited when she sees all her uncles and her aunt. 

“PAPA” she squeals when she sees Kendrick. He’s basically her grandfather so she calls him papa.

We all play with her while bring her into the kitchen and at the dinner table. She sits next to me in her high chair while we eat. 

We all make casual conversation and to anyone who’s never met us, or doesn’t live with us or even know us, we look like a family. A somewhat normal family, who’s happy and doesn’t worry about anything. But that’s not what we are.

We’re the Norths. The scariest and best gang in the untied states and probably the world. We’re located in Northern California, hence the name. But only other gangs know that. To regular citizens, we’re the Titans.

Our enemies our the Vipers, or the Wests. Their leader is Vincent Makoff. He’s an asshole rapist and the “father of my child”. Nobody actually considers him the father, we just don’t talk about it. It’s actually best that way. 

Our allies are the Easts or the Skulls. We mostly just trade with eachother and help business. 

We basically rule over the Souths, they have an “alliance” with the Wests, but they’re way more scared of me and my gang. We mainly use them for information and money. 

“So Dillon, you really think Taylor would fit in here?” I say feeding Nyx a small piece of meat. 

“I actually do, he’s a good fighter and he can help Kenny make bombs.” Rupp says nodding towards our explosives expert. 

“I’ll do a check on him, then I’ll decide by the morning if he can begin training, if he does begin training, I want everyone to treat him like a rookie, no speak of Nyx and no talk about plans infront of him. Understood?” I say my voice booming over the dinner table. 

Other gangs find it funny I’m a woman running a gang. They think it’s a weakness but I’m anything but weak. The best way to be a leader is to establish respect with only a little bit of fear, treat your members well and they won’t run off looking for a better leader.

I have a lot more people than just the guys and Tatyana, but they don’t live with me. 

After dinner all the guys kiss Nyx goodnight and go off to do whatever the hell boys do. I go up to her room and put her pajamas. I read her a bedtime stories and sing songs to her to help her sleep. When she’s finally asleep I place her in her crib with her favorite blankets and stuffed animals. 

I walk into my own room right next to hers and turn on the security system. The rules in this house are, after 9 pm there is no leaving with out permission because our security system is very advanced and if anyone leaves or comes in it goes crazy. 

I turn on the camera for Nyxs room so I can see her. I then look at the info Nash sent me on Taylor. 

He really has knows Dillon his whole life. Family issues, chill, funny and kinda cute. I look into the darker stuff. He’s been in one other gang, luckily it was a respectable gang I have an alliance with. Apparently he left because he wouldn’t be staying in the same area.

I decide to call taylors old gang leader.

“ahh y/n. Haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you?” I hear the mans voice speak. “I’m well garret. Though I have a couple questions for you." 

"I might have some answers." 

"Taylor Caniff was previously with you correct?" 

"I feel like you already know the answer to the questions you’re asking, but yes that’s correct” Garret says chuckling. 

“Very funny. I was thinking about recruiting him and I wanted your insight before I made any final decisions." 

"He was a good kid. I think you’d like him a lot. Hard working and very talented. If you’re asking my opinion which I don’t think you are, I’d say recruit him" 

"Alright, that’ll be all. Oh and you’re next shipment of supplies will be there in 2 and a half weeks.” I say pulling up the supplies I was supposed to send him. 

“Thanks y/n. Have a nice night” I hang up the phone and pick up my cell phone. I text Dillon to come to my room. He knocks on the door before slowly opening it. 

“Hey y/n/n. Is Nyx asleep?” He says coming over to my desk and looking at the sleeping infant.

“Yea. So I looked into Taylor and I’m going to recruit him, only if you think I should.” I say as Dillon takes a seat on my bed.

Me and Dillon have been friends even before I was leader. My father got younger guys to handle his important business mainly so my brother could form a brotherly bond with them and things would go over smoothly. But I actually bonded with the guys more than my brother. 

“I totally think you should. He’s also good with kids when the time comes, I know you feel bad about always sticking Hayes with watch because he’s young.” Dillon says watching me move to the bed next to him. 

“I can’t have just everyone in the house watching her. Do you think he should get to stay here, or should he be one of my field guys?" 

"Here. He would get bored in the field and bother us all the time” Dillon laughs throwing his arm around me. 

“Alright. I’ll call him tomorrow. Remember I don’t care how close y'all are. When he’s trading he’s nothing but a new kid. Understand?” I say sternly.

“Yes mam.” Dillon says kissing my forehead and walking out of my room. I fall asleep and prepare for out big day tomorrow.