list of reasons harry is the bestest
  • he tattooed big on his big toe
  • he supports and loves the lgbt+ community
  • hes the tiniest lil cupcake but also super freaking beefy and could probably knock u out in one punch
  • but he wont do that cause hes really nice and understanding
  • hes the most polite boy in the whole world
  • hes a huge freaking goofball
  • hes really fcking talented like he sings and writes and now ACTS
  • he likes knock knock jokes
  • his favorite color is pink
  • this

Meet the all-female team of coders that brought us Apollo 11.

In 1969, the world watched as Neil Armstrong marked his historic achievement with the words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” His now-famous transmission was heard around the globe thanks to NASA’s Deep Space Network, which made communication from outer space possible.

That network was built by a woman named Susan Finley. She was part of an all-female team of coders whose work was integral to the success of the Apollo 11 mission. Science writer Nathalia Holt brings us their stories in her book, Rise of the Rocket Girls: The Women Who Propelled Us from Missiles to the Moon to Mars.

Listen to their story here.

[Images via NASA]

Shoulder touches

From the first touch

To the many in between

To the last

It started with Cas and ended with Dean.


@Beyonce @FrankGatson @BlueIvy bring 7/11 back  

Eldarya Summer event

Thanks to the Eldarya team, 

the game has a Summer event this year.

Who cares about episode 11, let’s just give them some event to keep them from detonating!

It will start tomorrow, July 27th and will last until August 15th

It seems that every day, until August 15th, we will get a special item from Purral.
Something like an event bundle it seems - we will have to have certain items to get the bundle.
Basically like the normal Purro’troc. 

Now, all is good until you want me to have some items long gone from events long over. I got my eyes on you game! 

I mean - - I am sure you will screw me over one way or the other. ^-^


It appears that the total of items should make us have this:

In more than one color it seems.

There is also mention of some Summer things which can only mean essence found during exploration. So it seems there will either be more items to get from an event shop or a chance to get all from the picture in the color we want. 

And, like the previous short events, one essence will cost 1 gold coin.