@skarsjoy Happy Birthday Jody!  Wishing a very kind, and treasured friend, a birthday full of love and wonderful surprises. You are the sweetest and most enthusiastic ASkars’ fan, and have so many happy memories, and with your attitude, many more to come. Your kindness and generosity knows no limits and I am truly blessed to know you. Never change, you are awesome! Love and forever hugs, Suzanne ♥x


Alexander Skarsgård - makes the world, a more beautiful and happier place.

( hsm7, to brighten your day too ♥x) 

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So Alex didn’t make it to the TB7 red carpet premiere. Boo hoo! The man has moved on to bigger and better things :) Aint gonna have time for no musicals either! (wtff)

Inspiration (x) Tku :)


Alexander Skarsgård - Happy Birthday beautiful sexy gorgeous man ♥x

25 August 1976