The story of how he asked me to be his wife:

Photo 1: (Starting at the end of the story first) This is a happy story filled with lots of love and happiness. It is the story of how he asked me to be his wife and I said yes! I AM ENGAGED TO JORDAN REILLY!!!!!! 

Photo 2: He dressed up really nice and wore the cat tie I got for him a few weeks prior. Anyways, it is crucial to know his preparation for the proposal stared long before the morning he woke up and put on a snazzy outfit. In fact, the majority of our loved ones knew it was going to happen, he got me soooooo good! About a month prior he sent me a letter in the mail and invited me to join him for an outing on December 15th 2012. We would go to a beautiful place of his choosing. Immediately my mind went to “Wow, how cute. That’d be an adorable time to propose!” I let him know I got the letter and that I took off work and that I was looking forward to the whole outing quite a bit. He nonchalantly replied “I hope you don’t get your hopes up, I just thought it’d be fun to go to the look out point in the winter since we’ve not been there at that time of year before.” So then I stopped thinking about the possibility of a proposal happening that day. You see, I knew he could ‘pop the question’ at any point in time, and if you know me you also know I was running through every possible scenario in my mind. There were a few little things here and there that got my mind thinking and heart hoping that day would be the day, but somehow he always said something in a matter of fact way that got me to feel silly for getting my hopes up. The whole time I was hoping it would happen when we went to our lookout point, yet somehow I still was not expecting it at all. But he knew, he knew that would be the day for a long time coming. 

Photo 3: This is a picture of us at our lookout point (Chickie’s Rock). Since the beginning of our dating relationship we would visit the lookout point and just relax and usually take cute pictures before enjoying the walk back down the mountain. It’s an important and sentimental place for us and I would argue it holds a lot of fond memories of our relationship. (At this moment in time I thought it was just another visit, we walked up the mountain enjoying the beautiful winter afternoon that brought with it crisp air and sunshine.)

Photo 4: Even more photos. But really guys, Jordan is wonderful. He knew I wanted to have a sentimental and personal proposal between just the two of us, yet I still really wanted as much proof of it as possible. He made sure to remind me to bring my camera and look nice for pictures because “We never took pictures at the lookout point before during winter, I think it’d be fun to do that.” Again, I had no clue because it was not an uncommon thing for us to do.

Photo 5: The Proposal: We were standing overlooking the water and trees and I remember being so happy and stress free. (Both of our school semesters just ended and he knew he wanted to make sure we were on some kind of school break when he proposed because it’d be near impossible to get engaged and then go our separate ways to deal with school-he informed me of this after the fact, but I’d agree completely). He asked me for my phone to look up football scores. I found it odd because it was a Saturday and he mostly keeps up with the pro league, but I thought “well maybe college games?” I thought nothing of it really. But before I knew it he set my phone down and turned to me and grabbed my hands. I turned to him and we looked at each other and he began his proposal speech. He started it by letting me know all the things he tells God when he thanks God for me. Immediately my eyes started watering but I was telling myself “No. Kristin, keep it together you will look like a fool if he’s just being an encouraging boyfriend (like he always has been) and not proposing to you. Stop getting your hopes up.” He kept going and it was getting harder and harder for me to keep it together. I could see him shaking a little but I was more focused on not losing control of my own actions. He started talking about our relationship and at one point he said “But the next step in pursuing our love is for me to ask you a pretty big question…” and at that point I knew THIS WAS IT!!! I lost it. Tears were running down my face and there was no stopping them. He continued and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, only not verbally because I was crying to much. It was beautiful and something I will never forget. <3

When he took my phone to 'look up scores’, he actually turned the recording function on so I can forever listen to his proposal speech (That is how I could quote him and recall his speech so well). I feel bad that I was crying too much that I only nodded yes and didn’t verbally say yes because it sounds like I left him hanging on the recording, whoops. I still start to cry (happy tears!) when I listen to the recording because he is the sweetest and loving man of God and I just cannot believe I am so lucky that I will get to marry him! Anyways, he knew he wanted to ask me to be his wife for a long time coming, so much so that what his speech was based off of one of his journal entries in a journal we were writing back and forth to each other in. It can also be found here on a tumblr post he made about a year ago : http://jpopii.tumblr.com/post/11006667543/a-statement-of-love

I just…yeah.. I’m engaged guys!  

He got us each engagement journals where were will continue to write to each other, like we did with our dating journal, only we won’t exchange them until we’re married. He also planned a little dinner with friends afterwards. It’s been unbelievably enjoyable to see all the love and support we have from family and friends. It is truly making my heart happy. It’s still hard to believe we’re engaged because it felt so far away, but IT IS HERE!

But yeah, basically I’m so blessed to have this man as my fiancé it's insane. :)