I’m glad they’re going to talk. 

Like, this update had me nearly in tears, but I’m not exactly worried. They’ve shown so far that they have really great communication skills, but this has clearly been weighing on Bitty for a while. It’s probably really bad for Bitty being around all of their friends all the time and having them not know, on top of hearing speculations about Jack all the time through the media. We’ve seen Bitty’s discomfort building for a long time, so I’m really glad we’re seeing him be open and upfront about it. My assumption is that they’re going to discuss who they can tell, because right now they’re both in a crappy situation and they love each other, but clearly some changes need to be made. Anyways, now it’s time for them to put all of that healthy communication skills that we’ve seen from them to use. 


If you think Krystal can’t sing,listen to Sorry (Dear Daddy)

If you think Luna can’t sing,watch Red Light (Rock Version) in Dimension 4 -Docking Station in Tokyo

If you think Victoria can’t sing,watch her cover of Summer Breeze with Zhoumi

If you think Amber can’t rap,listen to Shake That Brass 

If you think f(x) just makes lame songs,listen to either Step, Love, Dangerous ,Rainbow, Rude Love or Papi

If you think f(x) can’t dance,watch Gangsta Boy dance practice or Dangerous in Dimension 4 - Docking Station in Tokyo

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If you think f(x) is better without Sulli,watch Go! F(x)

AND if you think f(x) isn’t popular,just remember that the attendance of the London Korean Festivial was 35,000 just because f(x) was going to perform only 4 songs