HOT OFF THE PRESS: The Districts - 4th and Roebling (from the upcoming album A Flouris And A Spoil)

Exciting, raw sounding American indie band the Districts have just released this rip snorter of a track, 4th and Roebling from their upcoming debut album A Flourish and A Spoil. On first listen the immediate influence and similarities you can hear are those of the Strokes both in the vocal and the music. Look further and you can also hear influences from bands such as the Walkmen and Cold War…

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Viet Cong - Continental Shelf (From The Upcoming Self Titled Debut Album)

Viet Cong are a Canadian indie rock/post-punk band consisting of former members of the art rock band Women. Their self titled debut album is due out in January 2015 and is to be released by top indie label JagJaguwar. This song Continental Shelf is available to stream via SoundCloud now or you can watch a rather odd music video that goes along with it.

Really the name, and description i had read,…

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: Ibeyi - River (From The Self Titled Debut Album)/Mama (Later With Jools Holland Performance)

Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz are the 19 year old French/Cuban twins who make up Ibeyi. Daughters of the late Cuban precussionist Anga Diaz, they combine Cuban percussion, Piano and vocals to produce a modern slant on their Cuban heritage with pop, hip-hop and electronic influences. It makes for a mesmorizing combination both in sound and sight, as you could see for yourself if you tuned in to Later…

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Hot Off The Press

Viet Cong - Continental Shelf
From the upcoming self titled album

See my review at theajsfad.com

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Bonobo Brings Brilliant North Borders Tour To A Close

Back in February I was lucky enough to see Bonobo perform live at the beautiful Albert Hall in Manchester as part of his North Borders Tour. You can see my review of that one here http://theajsfad.com/2014/04/15/bonobo-the-albert-hall-in-manchester/

This Friday (28th November) will see Bonobo, aka Simon Green, bring this epic tour, that has taken in 175 shows in 3 different continents and 30…

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HOT OFF THE PRESS: John Carpenter - Vortex (from the upcoming album 'Lost Themes')

HOT OFF THE PRESS: John Carpenter – Vortex (from the upcoming album ‘Lost Themes’)

John Carpenter is best known for his film direction and has directed hit films such as Halloween and Escape From New York. He has also composed many of the soundtracks for his movies which is impressive given the quality of the scores from those films.

Now he is ditching the film part and creating music that has the feel of a John Carpenter soundtrack without the visuals to guide him,. The result…

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Mac DeMarco - Salad Days - Album Review

Mac DeMarco – Salad Days – Album Review

Canadian Mac DeMarco has been active in the music industry for what seems like a long time for someone of his age. At 24 years old he has been recording and performing since 2008, firstly under the alias Makeout Videotape and then under his solo name Mac (short for McBriare) DeMarco from 2011. In 2012 he released the EP ‘Rock and Roll Nightclub’ on the Captured Tracks label which was soon…

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BECK morning phase Album Review

BECK morning phase Album Review

This album has caused quite a stir since coming out in February. It was released in very limited numbers on vinyl and has quickly become a collectable item. Many have appeared on eBay and some stores sold out just on pre orders alone. I only managed to get a copy myself because a colleague at work ordered one online as a fail safe in case he couldn’t get one in store only for both avenues to come…

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