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I have a question about your lore and the Bogs. How does your cult and its leader feel about the creation of a breed not by one of the gods, but instead by a lab accident of some common dragon? Because my priest dragon sees them as abominations, monsters created by draconic hubris.

TBH while Ajra is very much in the vein of ‘technology is bad fire is scary and thomas edison was a witch’ the cult also just… doesn’t… have enough interaction with the outside world to actually know where the fuck these new lizards came from. 

And Ajra has such bad baby-fever since she went infertile that coming across any eggs is a Big Deal for her and she would love and cherish and spoil anything that comes out of one. 

Also I don’t really work breed-changes into my lore, so. Idk when I switch Aster he’ll just… suddenly be a weird komodo dragon thing after being an imp for over a year and a half but he’s also the clan’s Weird Uncle so him coming back from the Mire looking weird will probably just be met with shrugs and ‘well that’s Aster for ya’

I originally based Grax on a cherry tree in bloom, but then Ajra came along and was a big rocky babe that immediately my whole aesthetic went hardcore towards rocks and I never really could figure out what Grax was.

But now I’m starting to think he may have actually been born near the borders of Earth and Nature flight. He isn’t all rock, he’s more like a plant breaking through rock

And therein lies the tension between him and Ajra, why he is so moderate with his worship of the Earthshaker. Ajra represents the stability of rock taken to an extreme; Grax represent something new springing up out of the earth despite adversity. Which links back into their personalities; Grax is optimistic, Ajra is jaded.