Chema on Twitter: En Valencia durante el rodaje de #DoctorWho 10x02 con #PeterCapaldi y @Pearlie_mack Son super majetes los dos!!! (In Valencia during the filming of #DoctorWho 10x02 with #PeterCapaldi and @Pearlie_mack the two are super nice!!!)

Lovely photos of meeting fans and the crew resting between takes. The weather looks like it’s behaving for everyone.


Doctor Who Gifset Silence in the Library- The Doctor getting a message on the Psychic Paper. Although, honestly I am still baffled as to how he knew which library to go to. They could have gone to any library. That message wasn’t very clear on which library they should have visited. I am pretty sure that isn’t the only important library out there in time and in space. Maybe it’s because it was a planet size library, and knowing Ten he’d probably just wanted to show off, and was actually just guessing at which library the message was talking about, and he just got lucky when he guessed right. *shrugs* I don’t know.


MAMAAAAAAAA! OOOOOOOOOOOOH! Didn’t mean to make you cry!” The Doctor and you sang along as Freddie Mercury belted out the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody.  The two of you were right in front of the stage, barely anyone in front of you.  You were still in shock by the great amount of luck the two of you had to get such a great spot.

“Oh, here!” The Doctor exclaimed, pulling out one of his ties, the one he was wearing today wrapped around his head.  He tied the second tie around your head, and stated happily, “Now we match!”  The two of you laughed, and returned to singing along.

Is it safe to assume that, in some sense, Clara is the woman of The Doctor’s life? And I mean, his entire life. Think about it: she has always been there, she has seen all of his faces, whether he noticed her or not, she has been present in his own life stream the entire time.
I’m leaning to believe more and more that Clara could potentially become the Doctor’s TRUEST love. I know there’s this debate about the fact that the Doctor is able to have multiple true loves and I concur. However on this topic, I keep coming back to this thought: “The intensity of our actions, determines the depth of our emotions”. I have never witnessed The Doctor going this far for anyone else in this new era (romantically speaking of course). If you think about it, twelve would have never stopped loving Clara, had he not forgotten her. He went until the end of time to save her and according to Moffat, the universe will end in 4.5 billion years which is the exact amount of time twelve spent in his confession dial to reach Clara and rescue her.
Do you remember the episode in which ten forgot Rose for a couple of days? But in the end, he remembered her! What did eleven tell Amy in case she forgot him? “If something can be remembered, it can come back”.
After all of this evidence, and the word “diners” in the dw account and also the comments of Peter saying he wasn’t sure how successfully Clara wiped twelve’s mind, how can you doubt she’ll be back? I mean, you can be doubtful of course but have faith, better yet, have hope. The hybrid (I think after everything I said before) is set to be the headcannon of this show, because why not? Why not give him an everlasting love even though it’s not the show’s nature? Why not take a chance and believe that whouffaldi will be reunited and will be endgame?