I picked up a canon ae1 at Value village the other day, I wanted to run a roll through it to see if it was in there for a reason. So I called up my go-to model… she said she wasn’t feeling to pretty but she was down for a quick shoot. I think her scars are beautiful, they tell a story… add character to an otherwise plain body. You can tell she’s been places and done things, there is a tale for every mark, but will you be lucky enough to hear it? I have been. She’s got a lot of heart for a soul that’s taken so much abuse. I hope I’ll always be able to bring her out to snap a few photos, she makes a great model, one of my favourites…

Camera works. Anyone want to buy a solid slr and have some fun with film?

IB History Tips Part 1 Exams
  • Crash course  Is an excellent way to prepare for your paper 3 examine, plus a helpful reminded. 
  • IB will cover anything from technology advances from World War 1 to World War 2. With this being said, for example during WW1 it was considered more of a trench warfare unlike during WW2 air crafts and other forms of methods of travel became more available. 
  • Know the difference between Single Party States and Multi Party States
  • Understanding the difference between foreign intervention, two great Civil Wars that demonstrate this  the most is the Chinese Civil War or the Spanish Civil War
  • During WW1 the Soviet Union (Russia) was not heavily involved unlike during WW2
  • Gather Historian views such as AJP Taylor who wrote the Origins of the Second World War, even just one historian will show you understand the topics 
  • Gather old IB examines and choose several questions from each topic to work out and gather more information
  • Choose something you’re passionate about, when I took my examine I studied China a lot so I could write about Mao Zedong’s rise to power, the Chinese Culture Revolution, or even the the Great Four Leap Forward
  • When Talking about Multi Party or Single Party states, look up how each one for example Germany Vs China treated women, education, etc
  • Be able to tie in anything including how the person who was head of the state lived, for example Mao grew up on a farm or Juan Peron married Evita who helped bring in social reforms and women’s rights which guaranteed him his presidency. 

Introducing…Fitzgerald’s The Great Blue Jay, AXP AJP.

Aka…we got our last Excellent Standard leg yesterday, finishing up our Excellent title; we are now officially in Masters! The quest for our PACH  title has begun. Getting the required 20 QQ’s will be tough, but I’m looking forward to it. 

We also got our second Masters JWW leg yesterday, with a 1st Place (in a class of eight dogs) and 14 PACH points.

So incredibly proud of Gatsby!