A Journey To The Past | Maleficent and Chernabog

Finally out of there. Maleficent turned around and watched what once was her home. Home, that word didn’t seem right to her. She never felt welcome there and now she was finally free. It had cost the life of another fairy and why did that matter?

She had stolen a horse and now needed to find a place to go. She was still 18 after all, and needed someone to train her in the dark arts that fascinated her so much. There was one creature with all the knowleadge about it, Chernabog the god of Evil. She had read everything about him and knew where he lived.

She guided the horse to the Bald Mountain. it wasn’t an easy jorney but she managed to get there after a few days, using her magic to defend herself and to get food.

Maleficent stared at the mountain. Her destiny was there, she could feel it. She started to look for an entrance to the heart of the mountain.