You all have probably already heard about it, buttt….

There’s only 4 days left to the Indivisible funding campaign, and it’s so close! I totally dig what the folks at Lab Zero do, and I was drunk enough to consider animating fanart for it.

If you haven’t already, check it out, try out the prototype, fund it, share it, go wild, go gold.

Okay back to real work…


Edit: Indivisible is happening! \o/

Extremely excited to reveal that the final Indivisible crossover character is none other than Red from Supergiant Games’ Transistor!

This is the final week of the campaign, and we can’t make this game without your support!

So play the prototype, get your friends interested, and let’s make this happen!


Fascinating Facts about Pineal Gland.

1. The pineal gland is formed at 49 days within the human embryo: the same time that Tibetans believe it takes for a soul to reincarnate. And the same amount of days that the human embryo becomes either male or female. 

2. In the ancient Vedic energy system of the chakras, the pineal gland is referred to as the ‘Ajna’ or ‘Third Eye’ chakra. Modern studies reveal that the gland’s watery interior contains rods and cones - just like those found in the retina of your eyes. Your ‘Third Eye’ has a structure remarkably similar to your two physical ones. This is why when you visualize something strongly enough, you can literally see it “in your mind’s eye”.

3. Your pineal gland is important to your physical and mental health, and its wellbeing has been linked to memory, creativity, intuition and critical thinking skills. It is also sensitive to light and plays an important role in your sleep and waking cycles. When light strikes the retina of your eyes, it travels through a tiny nerve system and into the gland. When the light goes off - like at night - it sends a signal to the pineal to begin secreting melatonin, which activates your nervous system to go into sleep mode.

4. Studies show your pineal gland secretes a substance called Dimethyltriptamine (DMT), which you may be familiar with as a hallucinatory substance found in the South American shamanic brew called Ayahuasca. The interesting thing about DMT is that it causes experiences which can take you well beyond common states of awareness. This is perhaps why the pineal gland is known in many cultures as the ‘Seat of the Soul’, the ‘Gateway to the Universe’, the ‘Mind’s Eye’ and the ‘Doorway to Higher Realms’.


Hopefully is cool for me to post these. Of course, nothing is final etc. I like drawing the Ajna’s wrathful Heruka form, though still a bit tricky to get a hang of her face. Gotta get dat rrraaaagge. We’ll just say that her fangs grow/shrink/shape shift coz Iddhi. Had fun drawing that beam pose!

Wow, the Indivisible Indiegogo campaign has raised more than $1,000,000 now! That’s 2/3rds funded!

We’re in striking distance of our goal, so we need your support now more than ever!

Spread the word, get your friends to play the prototype, and contribute if you can!


“Chakras are the major centers of spiritual power in the human body and are circles of energy which balance, store and distribute the Prana, life force, or vital energies of life through our physical body along the subtle body.
Through meditation, and various esoteric practices, (such as Kundalini Yoga, Sahaja Yoga, and Kriya Yoga), the kundalini is awakened, and can rise up from the muladhara chakra through an energy conduit, called Sushumna, inside or alongside the spine and reaches the top of the head.
The progress of kundalini through the different chakras leads to different levels of awakening and mystical experience, until the kundalini finally reaches the top of the head, Sahasrara or crown chakra, producing an extremely profound mystical experience.”

Kundalini means ‘Serpent of Light’ and is the energy situated at the base of the spine, when activated or awakened it travels up the center channel of the spine and is the means through which the seven major chakras mature. When the kundalini is activated and reaches a certain frequency it travels through the chakras with such intensity that it creates and instantaneous union between the soul and the divine source via the crown chakra. This process of Liquid light transmutation was explained in Vedic and Tantric teachings , to be able to achieve higher states of consciousness. 
This is a piece i’ve been wanting to flesh out for suuch a long time! I know it’s kinda cliche and all but i just really love the ideas behind it all. Its one of those energy systems that iv'e always known about - how could you not? but it wasn’t until i met my partner’s brother back in 2010 that i really got intrigued by it all again - (he’s right into all that side of things and continually inspires me to push with my art). It fascinates and amazes me how many aspects of that information can be translated across into different cultures/texts or ideas..all those ideas about energy, prana, vortex’s, the different levels of consciousness or moving through dimensions or different aspects of your-'self’..it seems i keep circling around the same themes over and over..and yet im ALWAYS learning something new.
This seemed like the right time to get this out.

watercolour, pen, pencil, chalk

Indivisible: Ajna

I played a prototype of Indivisible, as should you! It’s cool!
Here it is - http://indivisiblegame.com
Indiegogo page - http://www.support-indivisible.com

Commission info - http://shunkaku.deviantart.com/journal/Pricelist-317343263
Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/posts/indivisible-ajna-3734464
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Very excited to announce that Shantae from WayForward’s awesome Shantae series is joining Indivisible’s cast of amazing crossover characters!

Thanks so much to Way Forward and Matt Bozon for their support!

And we can’t make this game without your support! So please play the prototype, tell your friends, and contribute if you can!



Couldn’t decide if I wanted to do fanart for Undertale or for Indivisible, so I did both!  What started as a silly sketch ended up becoming a whole page thing .__.  I won’t lie, I’m not 100% pleased with how this came out and I had to do a lot of fixing in photoshop X(  But I can’t have spent all that time for nothing, so I’m posting it anyway.  I also wanted to promote Indivisible!  It’s an Indiegogo by the team that did Skullgirls!  It has beautiful looking animation and a really cool cast of characters!  SUPPORT INDIVISIBLE IT NEEDS HELP!