Simple methods in order to help you opening your third eye

The third eye also referred to as the  brow chakra, or ajna is a very important energy center that is used to perceive the spiritual world around you, but in order to use it it must first be opened. To do this you can use many different types of methods, techniques, and exercises in order to strengthen your ability to use your third eye.You can experience, and perceive many different things when your third eye is opened wider than it usually is. You can see such things as spiritual entities, auras, energies, and even see into different planes, and dimensions. The third eye is greatly connected to your 6th sense, and is the main way that you perceive the other spiritual realms. When you have your third eye open you have more of a tendency to be drawn to mindfulness, focus, critical thinking, and intuition. All these skills, and benefits can help you in your life in order to progress growth, and experience along your path. Once you open your third eye you can always close it again by just imagining it closing, or allowing it to close on its own. It will never close completely, but it will be less widened in order for you not to continue to perceive the sixth sense fully. It is never good to keep any of your chakras completely open all the time, especially your third eye this is due to the fact that you will be letting in certain influences that you are not expecting, and may even become overwhelming if left unchecked. It is always important to remember to keep your body in balance even in your energy centers, but with proper control in understanding everything will go smoothly, and you will gain the benefits that you desire.

Here are some simple methods in order to help you opening your third eye:

Method 1 for opening your third eye is to get into a meditative state, and to focus upon the spot in between your eyebrows, this is where the third eye energy center is located. You will want to focus on that spot, and push energy to it in order to open your third eye. while you are doing this you also want to envision your third eye opening. This should charge, and empower your third eye allowing it to open.

Method 2 for opening your third eye is to take your pointer, and index finger while they are the only fingers extended on your hand, and trace a circle around on your forehead, while focusing on that spot. This will help to activate the energy center, and sort of awaken your third eye. For this one too you might want to also imagine an eye opening on your forehead.

Method 3 for opening your third eye is to meditate, and use your visualization skills, so that the third eye sort of opens by itself. It doesn’t matter which way that you meditate, or what type of meditate you do my friends, The point of this method is to allow you to awaken your third eye by charging it with the energy that you get from meditating through visualization of different things, or even just sitting quietly. It is a way of provoking your third eye to open, because in this state you allow yourself to be more open.

There are a lot of other methods that you can you open your third eye, but these are a couple that are simple, and help get you started.


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The word chakra is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel”, or “circle of life”. In Hinduism, the continuous flow of energy throughout the chakras is referred to as “Shakti”.

1. Muladhara: The Root Chakra – located at base of the spine. Associated with red. It affects your confidence, trust in life and self-esteem. It is from here that our base instincts arise; the need to survive or the fight or flight reflex. Hindu God – Lord Ganesh and Brahman.

2. Swadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra – located below the navel. Associated with orange. It affects sexual desires, attractions and the need to procreate. Other emotions, such as, anger, fear and hatred stem from this chakra. Hindu God – L ord Vishnu

3. Manipura: The Solar Plexus Chakra – located at the bottom of the breast bone. Associated with bright yellow. It affects the lower back, digestive system, liver and gall bladder. Feelings that are associated with this chakra, include, determination, self-acceptance and will power. It is here that instinctual emotion translates to more complex emotions. Hindu God – Maharudra Shiva

4. Anahata: The Heart Chakra – located at the center of the chest. Associated with green. Feelings associated with this location are love, compassion, emotional security, forgiveness and loving kindness. Hindu God – Ishvara

5. Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra – located at the throat, over the larynx. Associated with blue. It is the source of our ability to communicate, and express creativity and individuality. Hindu God – Sadashiva

6. Ajna: The Third Eye Chakra – located at front of the head in between eye brows. Associated with indigo. The mind, as the sense organ and action organ are associated with this chakra. Feelings associated with this chakra are spirituality, awareness, and sense of time. Hindu God -Ardhanarishvara –an androgynous form of Hindu god Lord Shiva and Parvati.

7. Sahasrara: The Crown Chakra – located at the top of the head. Associated with purple, or gold. It is from this chakra that all others emanate. It relates to cosmic consciousness.


Ajna: The Third Eye Chakra

  • Color: Indigo, the color of Spirituality
  • Location: Third Eye, between the brows
  • Associations: self-command, duality, spirituality, enlightenment, psychics, Om, intuition, visions, divination
  • Those who have this Aura color: psychics, spiritual people, indigo children, witches, shamans, yogis
  • Ultimately, your own liberate self is the true guru, but until then, a guru is your selfless spiritual teacher.
  • This chakra’s color varies from deep indigo to a light indigo
  • Crystals: Amethyst, Charoite, Tanzanite
  • Affirmation: “My intuition guides me from my highest good.”
  • Ways to connect to this chakra: meditation & visualization, wearing indigo, using the above crystals, pineal and pituitary glands, chanting Om 

(Source: A Little Bit of Chakras by Leigh & Mercree)


Meet Tania Gunadi, the voice of Ajna!

Tania couldn’t make it to Anime Expo, but recorded this short video greeting.

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seedmenon  asked:

Namaste, I'm a yogi too; walking the path of hatha and kriya for the past year and a half now. I want to take it to the next level by awakening my third eye. I've been off my Vipassana game for a little bit so I am subject to the mind and its hurricanes every once in a while. Could you kindly give me your two cents about it? Also, have you begun exploring the dimensions of the ajna chakra? Shiv shambho!

Sweet! It’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow yogi… *sagely nod*

The third eye is a pervasive symbol in yoga. It can get very scholarly and way beyond my own familiarity. I can just share some of the practical aspects from my experience. 

“Awakening the third eye” as some call it is not the same thing as enlightenment. It is the development of the inward-vision one finds in yoga. It’s like getting bitten by the bug. It turns you onto the path with a magnetism to it. 

The two human eyes see outwardly and into a world of duality, as symbolized by their paired nature. 

The third eye represents the inward world of nonduality. 

A yogi is not defined by intellect, creativity, flexibility, strength, beauty, wealth, philosophies, energies, religions, stories, or anything that we know of in the human world. What a yogi is, what a yogi does, cannot be adequately described in words. And it is symbolized by the third eye. 

This eye represents not merely vision but consciousness itself, the material out of which all of our senses are composed. It is the eye that sees itself. 

That is an experience; one you will inevitably find by meditating daily. I recommend jangama dhyana because that I what I used; but there are other meditation techniques out there. 

On the most practical level, the third eye is where I rest my visual and mental gaze during meditation.

Here’s a fun trick:

Take your pointer finger and look at it. Slowly bring it to point toward your forehead just above your eyebrows. Slowly, slowly, bring it as close to your forehead as you can without actually poking it. A tickling sensation may then arise in your forehead.

Sometimes you get more of an effect if someone else is doing it with their finger or if you have your eyes closed. It doesn’t work for everyone but it does work for a surprising amount of people.

Side effects include grinning like an idiot.

That tickling sensation is a good way to locate the area of your third eye. It is the perfect place to rest your attention during meditation.

Namaste brother!