we know that andrew doesn’t smile, per se. but i like to think he gives the occasional smirk. probably only around neil, possibly kevin as well, but only when it’s at his expense. and neil obviously loves that smirk. mainly because he is so grateful that andrew feels comfortable enough around him to ease up on the tight reigns that hold his perpetually unimpressed expression in place. he can’t believe that andrew trusts him this much, and that he inspires these emotions in andrew in the first place.

but also. andrew’s smirk is just…really fucking hot. the crease between his brows disappears, his nose flares a tiny bit, the corner of his mouth hitches up ever so slightly, just enough to be noticeable. it’s like the sun is shining out of him, his eyes are suddenly more gold than hazel, his jawline looks sharper, his freckles stand out more. neil never stood a chance. god bless.

SJM Fandom Podcast-Week 4 (Best SJM Ships)
SJM Fandom Podcast-Week 4 (Best SJM Ships)

This is nearly 20 minutes long with my exhausted voice. Applause for anyone who makes it till the end xD Sorry I’m slightly unhinged.
Thank you Gusty, @aelin-and-feyre darling for coming up with these. I loved gushing about my babies SO. MUCH.
I realise I left out so much gushing, so many reasons why I love them. But you already know. ACOMAF is all you need to know.

This is the fic I was talking about, it’s on Ao3. Here it is.

Okay so I have a BUNCH of favorite fanarts for them.

First and foremost, this is my ultimate favorite one, by the brilliant @charliebowater

And this

By the lovely @taratjah

This adorable art by @meabhd

And of COURSE, the following three by the amazing @merwild

Thank you to whoever listened to this again!! :* <3

Mi amor por ti

Cuando por fin te tuve, entendí que quería hacer todo bien por ti, por mi, porque era lo único que te merecías, lo único que para mi valía, lo único que me hacía sentir valiosa en el mundo, apreciaba cuando tus lindos ojos me observaban con delicadeza, como tus manos recorrían mi cuerpo haciéndome sentir como nunca antes nadie lo había hecho, apreciaba el tiempo que compartías a mi lado sabiendo que habían miles de cosas mejores en el mundo que hacer, te amaba tanto que suspiraba después de besarte, solo me queda agradecerte por hacerme sentir tan plena y dichosa en este mundo.