We’re on different boats drifting away,
If I had the rope then I could save
Us, pull us close, fill in the space,
We stare at each other, maybe it will help,
Searching for the feelings that we once felt-
But they’re nowhere to be found

The tides are strong,
Or maybe we just held on too long,
So we let it go, move where the wind blows us
What’s the point being here if there’s no love or trust
Time to sail, explore the sea
You did a couple times and found yourself back with me,
But this time it’s different
I could try but it wouldn’t make any difference,
Our relationship is finished. 

- A.J.K.J

Untitled #3

See reader, if you asked me what love is,
I wouldn’t know what to say
Cause I haven’t found it yet, hopefully one day
I will stumble upon the lady who will make me feel this feeling I have not felt before,
I ask when she enters my life she closes the door
Because I’ve had a few girls come in and out,
I want her to stick around
For a Lifetime or two.

In The Moment

Voice of an angel
Swiftly enchanting,
Intoxicated- in each other’s Arms,
In the moment, I love
No, I can’t say it –
Sigh, kisses to your smile
For which I fall every time,
Though no completely.
But our fate is sealed,
Whether I say the unheard, or let the silence speak
It will not change the truth,
In the moment, I love you.

Bliss pt. 2

You make my vision better; the pictures are clear,

Your scent on my shirt; this sinful affair

Rolled in honey; the sweet taste of love in the air

Dim down the lights; turn off the phones,

Connect with my body and release my soul,

The riddles inside you my lips will solve -

by a.j.k