Contestant 5: Ajit Mir, by @manicpxl

Ajit is the oldest of eight, with a taste for ambition and attention. You may know him from his artwork and photography showcase in college, including the works ‘Bold and Brash’ and ‘Belongs in the Trash’.

Tell us about yourself!

Ajit: We don’t talk about that showcase, my friend. Anyway, anyhow, I’m an artist through and through, with a touch of a photographer’s eye. Amma complains that this has made me a snob, but I think I just have a more discerning taste than most. I love the heat, and I think Nicky will like having me around the house because I’m pretty neat from the whole ‘house of ten’ thing.

Oooooh? ;) You’re already thinking domestic?

Ajit: Of course, I am. I’d be honored to have his hand in marriage - have you seen him? I can’t screw it up with him, it would absolutely end me. Maybe I’m being dramatic. Maybe.


Ajit Mir for @arthoepixels

Ajit, the oldest child of eight, knows a thing or two about competition for attention. Sure, he had it for a few short years before his first sibling was born, but he has learned that mastering a skill is the best first step. He’s come into this competition an artist full of spirit and determination. 

But, if he is being honest, that’s not where he’s placing all of his stock. After all, have any of you seen Nicky? No, no, he’s not going to let himself come across as an ass in front of him. He wants to win, of course, but he doesn’t want to risk the bachelor thinking he’s a jerk in the meantime.

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//When you think about it, the main reason Tiger is stuck in the path of the magician is not only because he has a natural inclination to magic, but he is Ajit’s only son, and his and Nagina’s only child; the men in the prevous generations have siblings, so their fathers gave no pressure in their children continuing their legacy. And Jagpat willingly became a magician after Rajanpal, so it’s not like Par Dada forced Dada to be a magician.

Yes, we have Neena who can be a magician too, and she’d be the first female magician in the family line, but the Magic Maharajahs have been traditionally male, so she has a tough act to follow. And she’s also really young and very inexperienced, plus she has yet to tap into the actual reality bending magicks the elder men can already do.

So Tiger’s got it really tough. And given his reputation in the WVBA, what his family wants and expects out of him during their meeting in Amritsar earlier this year, and the family legacy……… yeah. Tough act to follow. No wonder he is losing his grip with reality and has a hard time figuring out what to do for himself. “Be yourself” won’t cut it with Tiger… in the end, he’s a trained kitty in a cage only to be released to perform on stage.

(The Stoning of Soraya, 2008)

“Olmayın riyakârlık edenlerden
bir yanda yüksek sesle
kuran'ı dillendirirken
öte yanda ahlâksızlığını
sakladığını zannedenlerden”

Hâfız-ı Şirâzî’nin şu sözleriyle başlıyor film.

Zaten oldukça dramatik olan olayları ajite etmeden olduğu gibi aktarması ile film beni fethetmiştir.
Erkek egemen toplumlarda dini alet edip kadınların nasıl hiçe sayıldığını çok net ortaya koyuyor.

Ezcümle; şu filmden sonra elim direkt sigaraya gitti. Kanlı gözyaşı dökmüş olabilir miyim diye de kendimi kontrol ettim.