Day eight - safe

Based on this amazing fanfic by dorkinhighheels

It’s totally not what I’ve been aiming for but I gave up. I think I won’t touch my tablet for some time now. I’m kinda frustrated because of this.

Anyway, I’ve finished raphril week, yeah! I’d like to thank my perfect Raphril Bro for being big inspiration (go and finish two last entres honey! If I did it so can you <3), Julka for being my personal advisor (and also for listening to all my sighs via skype) and also Star (sorry for complaining to you dear) and turtleplz for the support ;3; 

Now let me cry. *throws her tablet out of window*

Day three - AU

Look at them sitting and pretending that they don’t give a shit about each other. AU where April was raised as Shredder daughter is truly precious.

Today’s drawing is lazy. I might seriously need some inspiration or motivation to finish this week because I feel pretty burned out right now.