Mustang (mix for Meiko)
Mustang (mix for Meiko)

Asian Kung-Fu Generation  - Mustang (Mix for Meiko)

Reading Solanin (the manga) while listening to this makes me cry all the time. Such a beautiful song.

AKG Fun fact:

This mix was released as the B-side to the Solanin Single. The lyrics to Solanin (the song) were written by Inio Asano (the author of the Solanin manga) and the original version of Mustang was the ending song to the Movie adaptation of the manga. The reason for the title being “Mix for Meiko” is that Meiko is the name of the female protagonist of Solanin.

Is there anyone out there that knows more than one Ajikan song?

dont talk to me about haruka kanata
dont talk to me about Rewrite
dont talk to me about how they do anime openings…

talk to me about Shinseki no Love Song
talk to me about Siren
talk to me about Solanin
talk to me about Waterfront
talk to me about the songs that tear at your heart tissue by tissue
because they’re so much more….

at least to me.