Loop & Loop by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION ft. Taniguchi Maguro (KANA-BOON) and Shunichi Tanabe (BLUE ENCOUNT)

Mustang (mix for Meiko)
  • Mustang (mix for Meiko)
  • Solanin

Asian Kung-Fu Generation  - Mustang (Mix for Meiko)

Reading Solanin (the manga) while listening to this makes me cry all the time. Such a beautiful song.

AKG Fun fact:

This mix was released as the B-side to the Solanin Single. The lyrics to Solanin (the song) were written by Inio Asano (the author of the Solanin manga) and the original version of Mustang was the ending song to the Movie adaptation of the manga. The reason for the title being “Mix for Meiko” is that Meiko is the name of the female protagonist of Solanin.

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honestly i can’t get over this

so this is the opening for erased (boku dake ga inai machi - the town without me) – for some reason the show is being marketed in english with a different name despite the fact that the title is plot-relevant but whatever. and i can’t get over it

the opening theme is “re:re:” by asian kung-fu generation. they’re a band that’s been around a long while – they got together 20 years ago, they’ve regularly been putting out albums and singles since the mid-00s, and they’re pretty well known internationally as a number of their songs have been used in popular anime and other media. i personally became familiar with ajikan in 2003/2004 due to their song “rewrite” in fullmetal alchemist, and later became familiar with the rest of their discography. they’ve since become one of my favorite bands. (i even run a site for them.)

the thing about this song, out of all of their songs – is that it’s not a current song at all. ajikan’s been putting out music regularly. their most recent single came out in january 2016, and usually for cross-promotion and to increase sales, an artist’s newest song is used for an anime opening.

“re:re:” came out in 2004.

it’s not even a single – it was just a track on their 2004 album, sol-fa. (coincidentally, my favorite ajikan album.) and i happen to like “re:re:” a lot, i have for many years. but my biases aside, why would the makers of this anime pick this song as their opening?

the thing is… it’s actually pretty brilliant if you think about it.

erased/boku dake ga inai machi takes place (initially) in 2006. all things considered, while a song created and recorded in 2016 might work, it actually is really fitting to use one that’s more suited to when the show takes place. (i don’t want to get into spoiler territory here, but i could talk a lot more about this particular point.)

in all honesty though, the lyrics are pretty telling, and given the plot of the show… well, i think it’s clear why they were chosen.

I waited for you
I waited
Through each uninterrupted tomorrow
I tear myself up still today, getting hurt by these unforgettable wounds
But you never arrived

tl;dr someone at the studio is an ajikan fan and i fuckin’ love it