My OC K’ajia Ahadi by Ladyeilkhan! She did an amazing job at getting her look down. I am very happy! ♥  I’ve not been around in a very long time but just wanted to swoop in and say hello. Work has been very hectic but I will try to be more active once the holiday season has passed! :> http://ladyeilkahn.tumblr.com/ @ladyeilkahn

The most expensive food on earth is found in a sea of purple flowers
People wade into the purple seas to harvest the blooms by hand and then pick their stamens to sell as saffron.
By Elizabeth Pierson

Desert Saffron as well as Sotol is what the off-split Hipparion tribe K’ajia came from used for their main source of trade. Here is a real world Saffron farm if you are curious as to how the most expensive food on earth is found in a sea of purple flowers. ♥


#47 Song of the Week 一周之歌 : 

五月天搶走我的女朋友 - aJia 

ok to be honest, i never heard of this artist before. but the song lyrics/MV is so hilarious i just wanted to share t with you all! The singer also has a nice voice so hat’s a plus! 

The lyric basically talk abut how his girlfriend is so obsessed with Mayday and their songs that Mayday “stole” his girlfriend. And i’m pretty sure anyone who has a gf/bf/friend who’s obsessed with some celebrity knows what he’s talking about! 

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