Grab a prime waterside suite in one of Europe’s hippest cities

  • 5 nights’ stay for 2 people at Ajia Hotel, a historic waterside mansion transformed into an uber-cool boutique hotel
  • A tailormade boat trip from the hotel to take in the sights along the banks of the dazzlingly deep blue Bosphorus

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#47 Song of the Week 一周之歌 : 

五月天搶走我的女朋友 - aJia 

ok to be honest, i never heard of this artist before. but the song lyrics/MV is so hilarious i just wanted to share t with you all! The singer also has a nice voice so hat’s a plus! 

The lyric basically talk abut how his girlfriend is so obsessed with Mayday and their songs that Mayday “stole” his girlfriend. And i’m pretty sure anyone who has a gf/bf/friend who’s obsessed with some celebrity knows what he’s talking about! 

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