shin soukoku (akutagawa/atsushi) in ep 10

- i got buried in soukoku, so my shin soukoku thoughts are late;;;

- atsushi being so preoccupied with why akutagawa hates him, even while akutagawa’s beating him up (dun worry, atsushi, just wait until chapter 33-36……. orz)
- atsushi saying that akutagawa could have said something else to kyouka, about people needing to be told they’re worthy of being alive by someone else so they can keep on living.
- atsushi saying this line is only made all the more sweeter when in ch33-36, someone DOES tell him (even if in a roundabout way) that he’s worthy of living and that line gave him strength to go on and keep on fighting
- and that someone happens to be AKUTAGAWA himself, which is a++++++ character and relationship development
- (well akutagawa says something like atsushi’s already “good enough” despite being naive and stuff and that he doesn’t have to keep saving everyone to be considered worthy)
- but atsushi will eventually use that line to summon the strength to keep on fighting so.
- also, the line about the I WON’T FORGIVE YOU!!! and I’M GOING TO KILL YOUUUU between them - and then ch33-36 comes along and we have the two of them working together and akutagawa saving atsushi—
- i see this episode as one big set-up for their season2 development AND I’M EXCITED FOR THESE TWO ♥___♥
- also, kensho ono is a++++++ as akutagawa. since i love him so much as kuroko & tanaka & hakuryuu, hearing him as akutagawa is just ajdsa;ldadahfa

- also, i belated noticed how the dazai/chuuya & the dazai/akutagawa fights went. we both have one guy who disses the other’s ability, kicks the other’s ass, literally kicks the opponent to the opposing wall.
….did dazai learn his moves from chuuya hahaha (the way he kicked akutagawa and the way chuuya kicked him are such good parallels!)