chronicles of bakugou-sensei pt.2



Tom Hiddleston talks about whether he’d survive on a deserted island, and sharing MCU Stories With Brie Larson on Kong: Skull Island set - ET Canada


Ok so, I hate that everyone makes fun of Sehun’s lisp. You guys do realize that Sehun has Incognito Orthodontic Braces right? So if you don’t know, Incognito Orthodontic Braces are braces that are placed behind the teeth so that no one knows you have braces. So yes, Sehun is going to have a slight lisp, that COMES WITH BRACES!!! I know a lot of people don’t know he has them, but he does. And it hurts people with braces feelings if you constantly call out their lisp, as it would anybody with one. So please, realize that he’s going to lisp for a while, we just have to get used to it, I actually think it’s kind of cute. Thank you for your time.

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EXO Reaction when their S/O is an Olympic athlete

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*Always sends you videos of him supporting you before the matches* “You can do this! I believe in you. Go get that gold medal! fighting!”


*He really admires you because he can barely move his legs and you jump and spin and do gymnastics* “If you were me.. I would understand why you would feel nervous… but you aren’t and you are good and you’ll win!”


*Fanboy number one* “Omg!!! Look at that gold medal! My honey got it!! I can’t believe this!!!”


*Ready to become your trainer XD* “You’ll win! I promise!”


“No baby.. we won’t have hamburgers today.. we need to eat healthy so we can encourage mom in her diet! Her competition is soon!”


“I made you some tea.. I know you always get so nervous in the finals so… I thought of making you a special tea for you to sleep better. You need to rest well”


*Always trains with you so you can practice more and be well prepared* “I think you are ready now! That gold is yours!!”


*This is his face every time he sees the other competitors* “They are no match for you… you have nothing to worry about”


*He’s the one who gets nervous. The one who can’t sleep the night before* “I know it’ll be alright… but I can’t stop feeling like this… but maybe is better I fee like this and not my love”


*Takes you out one day before so he can distract you and you don’t think of the competition and get nervous* “Look at this! We won!”


*Always gives you a good luck kiss and hug before the competition* “You’ll win, I know. You got this!”


*Trying to help you train* “Come on… just a little bit more… you can do it!”

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