November 1977 – From the original caption “University of Georgia, Bulldog Mascot with his snout on a Gatorade Bottle. November 1977." 

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Credit: Allan Walker / Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archive

Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees third baseman infamous for lying about his use of PED’s, released a handwritten apology note yesterday. Some sports writers are calling it “empty” and “unnecessary”.  

Sweet victory

Oct. 3, 1997 – John Smoltz and Chipper Jones, right, talk with the media after their victory over Houston in the Division Series in Houston. 

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Photo credit: Marlene Karas / AJC file

Journalist Howard Pousner of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote this great article before we got to the ACC show in Atlanta. He even came by the booth a couple of times at the show - brought his sone and his wife to see it.

No joke - 50% of the folks who came by the booth mentioned his article. 

Howard, thanks so much for the wonderfully kind words!

Let’s visit the Atlanta Journal

January 1949 – Now why would the likes of Bob Hope and Doris Day show up at the Atlanta Journal in January 1949 to have a word with the pressmen? Was it to complain about something we’d written? Was it to laud us for a well-penned review? Or was it to ask “Hey fellahs, where the HECK are the COMICS?” Actually, the Hollywood duo was in-house to tour our then-new building on Forsyth Street in downtown Atlanta. So let’s all take a tour of the swank Journal building and see how your big-city newspaper comes together, shall we? Take the rest of the tour by viewing “My AJC Flashback Fotos: Let’s visit the Atlanta Journal.” For complete coverage of the Atlanta area, visit http://www.ajc.com and http://www.myajc.com.

Photo credit: AJC file / 1949