Panic! At the Disco – Moments before the suave-looking quartet hit the stage, chants of “Pan-ic! Pan-ic! Pan-ic!” erupted from the very loyal mass of fans of the Las Vegas-bred band. Singer Brendon Urie is the only original Panic! member, which is ideal since his distinctive lilt of a voice is what helped them stand out from the mid-2000s wave of emo-pop-punk bands. Well, Urie’s voice and the band’s tendency toward wordy song titles, that is. From the disco-tastic “Ballad of Mona Lisa” to the crowd sing-along “Hallelujah,” Urie and his three bandmates sounded taut and polished. The band even broke out a cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” an effective choice that suited Urie’s upper register. Now, if we could only get him to stop spitting on the stage so much… (via Atlanta Journal Constitution)

It hits me like a stab in the heart.
Like someone has punched me in the stomach,
And taken away all the air in my lungs.
And that’s just every time I think of you.

The pain comes rushing back,
And the tears are about ready to burst.
It doesn’t help seeing the face of the past,
On an every day occurrence.
But I tell myself it’s okay.
To take a few deep breaths to calm myself.

Because it’s all still raw inside,
But I refuse to let myself break.
Never again.
Not over you.

Watching people fall apart,
Is something that I find admirable.
Because it’s something I’ve refused to do for the longest time.
I don’t want to fall apart.
Because I’m scared that I’ll never fix myself again.

I don’t miss you.
I don’t even love you anymore.
It just hurts.
Knowing we never got that final word.
Because I never got to tell you the truth;
About anything.

I didn’t get to express my soul to you one final time.
I didn’t get to write another essay to you,
Expressing my pain.
So I write them here,
Hoping that one day,
You’ll understand.
That you’re my muse.

Your poisoned words,
And troubled mind;
Is something that inspires me.
Because you turned me into you.
And that’s why I’m trying to run from.


Poisoned words. (Brogan’s Journal)

I think I’ve done it. I’ve figured out what that aching pain is in my chest. It’s him. It’s all him.

Georgia Man Sentenced To 20 Years For Stealing A iPod

Georgia Man Sentenced To 20 Years For Stealing A iPod

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The criminal justice system needs to to be on trial for the disparity in the sentencing of African-Americans and those who come from low-income community. Oftentimes, the sentence does not match the crime and for a petty crime someone can spend decades behind bars. (more…)

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Home Depot worker’s “America Was Never Great” hat causes stir

A Home Depot employee is causing quite a stir online after a photo of her in her trademark orange apron and a hat that read “America Was Never Great” went viral. “I was honestly shocked — I didn’t expect any of this to happen,” Staten Island resident Krystal Lake, a Bernie Sanders supporter, told the Staten Island Advance.

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A spokeswoman from Atlanta-based Home Depot said employees aren’t to wear items that reflect political statements, but Lakes says she “definitely” will wear her hat to work again.

“I feel it offended a lot of people because a lot of (Donald) Trump supporters live in Staten Island,” she told the Staten Island Advance, noting her hat’s send up of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. “Trump is very rash and in your face, but when someone else has a message against him, his supporters can’t take the criticisms.”

New York City Council candidate Alex Gomez tweeted his support of Lake’s sentiments:

I agree w/ #KrystalLake#americawasnevergreat #HomeDepot staffer wears ‘America Was Never Great’ hat https://t.co/IKeLNG7Zgk #nevertrump

— Alex A. Gomez © (@AlexGomezNYC) May 19, 2016

This metro Atlanta resident tweeted his support as well:

@HomeDepot I shop at your Decatur, GA location and I support #KrystalLake. Don’t fire her. I can always find another place to buy screws.

— Jason Pollock (@DeathstalkerHAM) May 19, 2016

But many detractors are voicing their opinion, too:

#krystallake if you don’t like it leave. #AmericaIsGreat

— Brian O'Connell (@Knobsdog) May 19, 2016

This shopper says he’s going to Lowe’s from now on:

@HomeDepot allows this person to wear “America Was Never Great” hat to work! I will be shopping @Lowes now.#HDmustHateUSA #KrystalLake

— justright_Joe (@justright_joe) May 19, 2016

And this guy saluted the freedom of expression Americans enjoy:

#AmericanGreatness is what allows people like #KrystalLake 2 freely express there opinion and for other people to disagree#ingratitude

— Ralph J Verderose (@jester_60) May 19, 2016

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