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Rapid Vienna player sent off for audacious two-footed tackle against Ajax

by Kellen Becoats

Rapid Vienna’s Stefan Schwab was sent off during a UEFA Champions League qualifier after committing a horrific two-footed tackle on Ajax’s Jairo Riedewald.

Schwab sent off for this dirty tackle #rapaja pic.twitter.com/TCxqp6PHEC [via @MariovanderEnde] #Ajax

— Ajax Stuff (@AFC_Ajaxstuff)

July 29, 2015

As you can see in the video, Schwab flies in with both feet off the ground and crunches into Riedewald’s legs at high speed.

How the 18 year-old Ajax player walked away virtually unscathed is nothing short of a miracle.

 Schwab obviously went to the Ryan Shawcross School of Tackling. 

H/T to 101greatgoals

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.


This is an excerpt from an upcoming pamphlet on C-51 and C-24 by Alan and I to be distributed around Durham Region, home of MP Chris Alexander.

The Harper government’s “tough-on-crime” attitude has devolved into mere scare tactics, with a demonstrable intention to silence the critics of its policies and crush the House opposition legislatively by wielding the strength of an undeserved majority. Harper’s hyper-partisan, hyper-politicized actions in response to the advent of ISIS and other terrorist organizations has become less of an attempt to attain actual “safety” for Canadians, but to garner votes with the Islamophobic, xenophobic, fear-mongered communities scattered across the country. Bill C-51 has been a culmination of these attitudes and actions, and certainly a testament to Harper’s views of Canadians: unsuspecting, apathetic and uneducated. And as such, the threats posed by C-51 go over the heads of those uneducated and apathetic, as Harper makes no discernable effort to educate or even adequately justify the bill’s implementation.

Some of the most vocal opponents of the bill include the reputable Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, multiple ex-Prime Ministers, a significant percentage of the legislature (all New Democrats and the Greens resoundingly voted no), as well as hundreds of thousands of Canadians. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) even went as far to say that the bill violates the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Here are some testimonies outlining the criticisms and shortcomings of the legislation:

“McCarthyesque.” – The National Council of Canadian Muslims

“…a serious threat to free expression in Canada.” – Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

“Canada already has robust and even exceptional and broad anti-terror powers in place. Bill C-51 is omnibus legislation that imperils principles of accountability critical to a liberal democracy, undermines fundamental rights and freedoms, and threatens to criminalize legitimate acts.” – Canadian Civil Liberties Association

[It may bring] “the entire Charter into jeopardy, undermines the rule of law, and goes against the fundamental role of judges as the protectors of Canada’s constitutional rights.” – Canadian Bar Association

As the impending federal election looms closer, we can see the silence Harper so flagrantly fought for in the House carried over into the pre-election debates—largely in denying any debate opportunities that don’t meet his explicit standards, including the absence of Elizabeth May (a vocal, eloquent opponent of C-51), PMO-approved questions, and the like. As the house gets closer by the day to adjournment for the summer, Harper’s demonstrable disinterest in fundamental democratic principles have never been clearer: silenced debate, C-51’s attack on dissent (namely, the likely criminalization of aboriginal and environmental activists), the robocall scandal, and the studious ignorance to the New Democrats’ calls for a more representative voting system. These examples offer some insight into the ideologies fueling the Harper vehicle and certainly illustrate how high Harper ranks “healthy democracy” on his list of priorities.

C-51 impedes our ability to exercise fundamental democratic ideals that go back centuries. Chris Alexander, a vocal proponent of C-51 and the pioneer of Bill C-24, is the Member of Parliament for Ajax-Pickering, whose office is right across from the Ajax GO Station. If you are interested in protesting this bill, e-mail him, send him a letter or unite with others in demonstrations outside his building.

Contact MP Alexander at:

Constituency Office:
100 Westney Road South (Main Office)
Unit E101
Ajax, Ontario
L1S 7H3
Telephone: 905-426-6808
Fax: 905-426-9564

https://stopc51.ca/ - contact me personally about local initiatives at d1darrah@ryerson.ca

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” – Edward Snowden

Please help spread the word allthecanadianpolitics

FYI Chris Alexander represents the riding of  Ajax—Pickering, Ontario

If you live in this area and want to ensure that this islamophobic/xenophobic minister does not get re-elected vote for anyone else. There is a possibility that Harper could win again, and if so he will continue to be the minister for Citizenship and Immigration.

He recently accused women who wear face/head covering as being terrorists. 

He also is the man behind Bill C-24 that creates second class citizenship with the ability to revoke citizenship from those who hold dual citizenship, are eligible for another citizenship or were not born in Canada.

Let’s talk about Chris Alexander though.

So back in the last Election (2011), Chris Alexander - then a ‘star’ diplomat returning from Afghanistan - was going to contest the riding of Pickering-Ajax, where I live (and have lived for a while now). 

Like a lot of politicians shoe horned into a battleground riding, he and his family moved to Ajax-Pickering. He then went on a campaign blitz, arriving at many local events, both cultural and municipal. He prided himself on having worked in a Muslim country as a diplomat and that he ‘understood’ the pressures of where Muslims come from and what their values are. He Campaigned on his credentials - that he was seasoned in foreign affairs and that he essentially ‘got’ us. 

And then one night, while on the campaign trail, he came to the mosque I frequent. 

He was received very warmly and was given a ten minute slot to speak to us (this in the middle of a religious sermon). In it, he touted how well Stephen Harper and Chris Alexander himself understood Muslims; how our ‘ethics and traditions ‘align with those of all Canadians’. How base conservative values are shared between us. He made us feel like our opinions were valid and valued. He made us feel like that yes, with him on board, maybe things would get better for Muslims in Canada. 

Then he was elected.

Today, five years later, no one has hurt the Muslim and Immigrant community more than the policies of Chris Alexander. No one has talked more ignorantly about Muslim topics (the hijab - which he couldn’t correctly identify against the niqab) than Chris Alexander. The values he proclaimed he shared with us Muslims are now incompatible with what ‘Canadians’ want, as per his most recent interview. 

I feel cheated and manipulated. I feel lied to. He came to our house of worship - our sacred ground - and slapped us in the face. He does not share out values. He mocks them. He doesn’t understand them. Our values are a threat to him. Our values are dangerous. I can’t stress this enough - he told me to my face that we share values. And today he passes a law that says we don’t. 

He is the MP for Ajax - a town that is almost 50% visible minorities. This means that Half of his own constituents are second class citizens because of a law he is the Minister for. 

Chris Alexander does not represent those in his riding. He doesn’t even understand them - who they are and where they come from. He lies to them, builds their hopes and then turns around the alienates them within their own country.

So this Election, I will be out there, and I will make sure everyone (in my community and those around me) know exactly what was promised and what was delivered.

Chris Alexander, I will not be lied to again.