ajaja ajaja

For me they are the most introverted out of the six so i think they could totally get along out of “you dont annoy me as much as your siblings” cause they know how to mind their own business. Dont really see it as romantic, but if they were i dont think it would last long, in my opinion they are not as complementary as Bubbles/Brick.  But i love the idea of them interacting, understanding each other when they are done with their bothers/sisters and talking about cars, of course.

ISIS destroyed almost half of an ancient city in Syria

The Islamic State has looted or destroyed a considerable portion of the Tal Ajaja archaeological site in northeastern Syria, according to Agence France-Presse. Khaled Ahmo, director of antiquities in Hasakah province, where the ancient mound is located, told AFP that “more than 40 percent of Tal Ajaja was destroyed or ravaged” by the extremist group’s fighters.

The militants had overrun the area in 2014, but in recent months they were chased out of whole stretches of Hasakah by a campaign led by Kurdish militias. In the wake of the Islamic State’s departure, the extent of the damage the militants have wrought is being steadily discovered.

Tal Ajaja, about 30 miles from the border with Iraq, is one of a series of vast Mesopotamian mounds rich in artifacts and relics going back about three or four millennia. Read more.