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Alright guys, listen up. I am here to tell you a thing and probably further ruin your lives over Mass Effect.

I want you all to look at this gif. Do you see it? You see it. Of course you see it. We’ve all played this scene. Signed up with the mercs to “help them take down Archangel.” Ha! This is the bit where we all kind of derisive snort, smirk and walk away.

[I know you guys don’t need a rundown of this mission, but bear with me, I like talking]

So basically, what’s going on here is that Shepard is talking to all merc leaders to get some intel on their mission. This guy here is Jaroth, Leader of Eclipse. Kind of an ass, really. He's very pissed off with Archangel because he got his brother killed. A touching sob story, if you ask me. Not like Salarians don’t have like a zillion brothers and sisters or anything. Anyway! In case you guys can’t read the text on the gif, here you have it:

Shepard: Where did he come from? Who is he?
Jaroth: Even his team didn’t know that.

Yeah, we’ve all been here and we’ve all heard this one before. Now, this exchange is telling us two things: 1) Not even Archangel’s team knew who Archangel was; and 2) The mercs tried to get that information from the team.

It’s safe to assume, therefore, that the mercs tried to be… persuasive… to get that information out of them, right? And by persuasive, I mean they tortured and threatened those ten men before killing them.

I want you all to remember that. Seriously, you’ll want to remember it.

Now, then. After the mission’s done and you have Garrus back with you (to the relief and absolute joy of most -if not all- of our Shepards), the Commander receives a message in their terminal from one Nalah Butler.

Butler. Ring a bell? No? Maybe? Let me just point your attention in the direction of the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. More specifically, Garrus’ dossier. In his dossier, you’ll find a very heartbreaking conversation between him and his sister Solana, a private message following up on that same matter, a kill list, and his visor specs. I want you to focus on the visor specs. Why would anyone want to know his visor specs, huh? Here, let me point you to the bottom of the specs, right after the list of songs Garrus likes listening to while he shoots down his enemies:

Ten names carved into frame: Erash, Monteague, Mierin, Grundan Krul, Melanis, Ripper, Sensat, Vortash, Butler, Weaver (Additional name carved and subsequently burned out: Sidonis)

Do you see it? Look again. Butler. That’s right, Butler was a member of Garrus’ team. Nalah was his wife, and hers is the message you receive at your terminal, which reads as follows:

From: Nalah Butler

Commander Shepard,

My husband was one of the men serving on Garrus’ team. I don’t know how much Garrus talked to you about what happened. I don’t know the specifics myself, only that my husband died in a trap set by those bastard gangs. I know Garrus blames himself; he took every shot fired at his squad as a failure on his part, and it was clear when he sent me the message about my husband that he thinks it was his fault.

My husband would never have wanted that. He was proud of the work he did on Garrus’ squad. He was taking back Omega from the gangs. He died fighting with honor. I miss him. God, I’d give anything to get him back. But whatever happened there wasn’t Garrus’ fault.

You’re his commander now. Please, if you can, help him stop blaming himself. And please don’t tell him that I sent you this. Thank you.

- Nalah Butler

Read this carefully. Cross-examine the evidence. Taste the contradiction. Embrace your inner Phoenix Wright, point towards the culprit, and shout “Objection!” at the top of your lungs. Then feel good about yourself, because you did a damn fine job. You did good, child. I’m proud of you.

In case you haven’t noticed, throughout the entire message, Nalah refers to Garrus by name. 

Now let’s go back to what Jaroth said: Even his team didn’t know that. And by “that,” he means who Archangel was or where he’d come from.

I’m going to let that sink in for a minute.

Do you know what this means, guys? Do you?

Those ten men, those very brave ten men, knew exactly who Archangel was. They knew him, they knew that the boss was Garrus Vakarian, and after the events of Mass Effect 1, you can be sure as hell that the name can’t exactly go unnoticed. Garrus isn’t just some turian, he’s the turian who helped Commander Shepard stop the attack on the Citadel. Everyone knows of this, however twisted the truth may have been after Shepard’s death.

Those ten men knew exactly who he was and where he’d come from. And you know what? They faced the mercenaries, confronted them, endured whatever it is those bastards did to get information out of them, and lost their lives protecting Garrus. They never gave in. They never breathed a word of who Archangel was to the mercenaries. They fought bravely, valiantly, and gave their lives for a cause they thought was worth defending.

Those ten men died doing what they truly believed was right and never for a second even considered betraying Garrus like Sidonis had. It’s not that they didn’t know who Archangel was. No. The truth is they chose death over betrayal, and they took that information, so precious to the mercs, to the grave.

I think about Garrus Vakarian and his days as Archangel a lot. Don’t forget his team on Omega. They were brave men and they died doing what they thought was right. Just because we never get to see them doesn’t mean they weren’t a very real part of Garrus’ life. Let’s not make a footnote of them, shall we?

That is all.

Yes, as a Garrus roleplayer I spend a lot of time thinking of the details and giving myself feels over them /sob.

Note: huge shoutout to wrexticles / wrexofurdnot who went to the trouble of replaying this mission just to make the gif for me. You’re the best, man, seriously. Rock on, nerd <3

For me they are the most introverted out of the six so i think they could totally get along out of “you dont annoy me as much as your siblings” cause they know how to mind their own business. Dont really see it as romantic, but if they were i dont think it would last long, in my opinion they are not as complementary as Bubbles/Brick.  But i love the idea of them interacting, understanding each other when they are done with their bothers/sisters and talking about cars, of course.

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Tal Ajaja, about 30 miles from the border with Iraq, is one of a series of vast Mesopotamian mounds rich in artifacts and relics going back about three or four millennia. Read more.