Hahaha I spent last night making Oh My! Mature content stickers and I LOVE THEM AAASDGHJKJGD SO MUCH I think I will actually get them properly printed even though that wasn’t actually the plan also here’s a photo of them on things!

They are so precious (≧◡≦)!


Eeeeeee finally doing up my little stock station I scored back when Borders was going out of business - it’s taken this long to have made enough stuff that’ll fit nicely in it! Seven will never fit in, it is too large /sadface.

But it’s SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE! I used gold paint for the backing and chiyogami paper for the insets to brighten things up. It’s going to hold some originals, bookmarks (not shown. They’ll be on the end) and my minicomics!

My mission tonight is to do up some mature content stickers to put on the packaging of things with said mature content - kind of wish I could sell stickers too but Supanova doesn’t allow it :(



Pencilled pages from a part of my minicomic in progress on childhood fear. Swamp Tiger is another part. This section deals with my long running recurring nightmare in which I am forever trapped within a riptide wave. I can never reach the surface, and often I sink to the bottom, clawing at the heavy sand to try and move forward. And when I reach the edge, I lose my footing and tumble back through the murky green water.