In some rather sad news, ULA will launch it’s 155th and final Delta II on 15 September, 2018.  NASA’s ICESat 2 will launch on this Delta II out of Vandeberg Air Force Base at 1246 GMT (5:46am PDT/8:46am EDT). 

This specific Delta II is the 7420 configuration (7000-series, 4 GEM-40 solid rocket motors, Aerojet AJ10 second stage engine, and 0 for no third stage).  The 7000-series is the only Delta II model that has suffered both a partial and a complete failure.

Here it is following a tank-up test prior to launch, to make sure propellant loading is good to go.

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Tarjei Sandvik Moe Gif Icons ;;

Below the cut, you will find #60 Gif Icons of Tarjei Sandvik Moe in AJ10 as requested by anon. These gifs were all  made, sized, and edited by me, so please give it a like/reblog if you decide to save and/or use these.

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