Mini warning: NSFW/Daddy Kink

“Listen here, Missy… You don’t get it do you.” AJ’s tone was low and gruff, there were a lot of people around backstage right now so he wasn’t going to raise his voice in front of them.

“You can’t go around flirting with half the locker room. Especially dressed like this, Look at this dress! Where’s the rest of it!” Gesturing towards the incredibly short hemline, shaking his head as he gritted his teeth. 

You pouted your lips at him. AJ had bought you the dress you were wearing, so he obviously liked it. Although he’d clearly forgotten or just wanted an excuse to tell you off.

“I saw you, smiling and getting all touchy feely with Balor over there! He told me how hot he thinks you are.”

You bit your lip and hung your head in feigned shame, You liked the attention and you knew it wound AJ up when you flirted with the other guys. It always bought out his dominant, jealous side and part of just wanted to see that side of him tonight.

“Remember, I’m your Daddy,” Just him calling himself Daddy made your panties soak, it always felt so dirty hearing it from his lips. “You know that right?”

“Your mine. All mine. None of these boys will ever, ever be as good as I am to you. They will never fuck you as good as I can, treat you as good as I do or make you cum as hard as I do.” Punctuating his words with a nod as he cupped your jaw and raised it, bringing your eyes up from the floor, forcing you to lock eyes with him. “Right? Hmm?”

You nodded as a naughty smile crossed your lips, biting down on it to stop it from spreading all over your face.

“Oh you think it’s funny and cute don’t you?” He raised his eyebrow and gave you “that look”. His look. The look he always gave you that look when you broke one of his rules, even though you could tell he was turning himself on right now by his rapidly staggering breath.

“You’re in big trouble sweet girl. But I know that you know that, huh?” Smiling as he ran his fingers through your hair.

His hand slid down your back and pulled you towards him. You could feel his member stiffening in his gear even though he was due to go out for a match any second now. “Now, get that ass over to my locker room and wait for me till after my match!” 

A shudder ran down your spine and radiated in your core as you let out a tiny moan as your bodies pressed together. The sides of his mouth curled up into a little smirk, noticing how his eyes got visibly darker, you could tell devilish thoughts were running through his head.

“You best not be wearing anything when I get there too, Darlin’.” Slapping you playfully on the ass as you scurried off. Knowing that the next spank he gave you wouldn’t be half as tender.

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Welcome (Baron Corbin x Reader)

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A/N: This probably sounded better in my head but i hope you enjoy and as always feel free to leave comments,questions concerns and requests

Warnings:None, I don’t think. Fluff??

Summary: Thomas (Baron Corbin) and his girlfriend are at the hospital awaiting the arrival of their newest family member and end up telling their fondest moments of their relationship.

“How are you feeling?” Thomas, my boyfriend of many years and the soon to be father of my- our first child, asked for what seemed like the billionth time that day. To be fair I have been in labor for the past 13 most excruciating hours of my life and I knew that he was just worried and nervous but if he asked me that question one more time I was going to body slam him.  
“oh ya know, just tired, back hurts, ankles were swollen, your child doesn’t want to make an appearance yet and I’m pretty sure that they’re going to cut me off of epidural so never better.” I coldly replied trying to get comfortable, something telling me that this child wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon.
“Ok, I get that you’re in pain so I’m going to ignore your attitude. But hey let’s try and take your mind off of things.” He said grabbing the hospital chair that was in the corner and rolling it over to the bed, right in front of me and grabbing my hand ever so lightly while he sat down and stared at me.  
Before I even had a chance to answer him he was already talking. “Do you remember the first time we met? God, we need to come up with a better story if we ever tell our child,” he said laughing as I tried to remember that day.
- Flashback -
“I promise you you’ll have fun” My best friend/Cousin, Jay, said as he dragged me along to a small bar somewhere in Kansas.  We had come down here on our way back to Washington. Jay had called up some of his friends that lived in the area and since I didn’t know anyone here and wanted some drinks I agreed to tag along.
“JAY!!” I heard people yell as soon as we walked into the bar, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that those were probably his friends. We made our way over to the group of giants-men, I meant men. To this day I could only remember about two names from the six that were introduced to me that night. “ Hey, have you noticed that guy staring at you the whole night?” One of Jay’s friend asked me as we finished our third bottle of beer; looking over I saw one of the guys I was introduced to that night. I couldn’t deny that he was handsome but after this night I’d probably never remember his name and he mine. Deciding to ignore the guy I went to sit at one of the open booths and started my fourth and final beer. After a while, I got bored and scanned the room looking for Jay instead my eyes met with the guy that was looking at me from earlier, what was his name? Tony? Tyler? Well, whatever it was I saw him going down the stairs, his eyes never leaving mine and out of nowhere he falls. I tried everything in my power not to laugh but alas I did. The three and a half bottles of beer probably didn’t help but after settling down and wiping away the tears that formed I tried looking for the poor guy only to see him making a B-line for the bar. Darn, I was really hoping to talk to him. After and hour or so my wish came true and the man slid into the other side of the booth. “Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m an offensive lineman for the Arizona Cardinals, ” he said introducing himself. “Was you being an NFL offensive lineman supposed to impress me?” I asked finishing up my drink. “Guess that didn’t work?” He asked causing him and myself to chuckle. “You did a better job impressing me with that fall then you did by introducing yourself as an NFL player.” I replied “I was really hoping you didn’t witness that. But since my occupation didn’t impress you, let me start over. Hi, Im Thomas. I like Tattoos, motorcycles, Metal bands and animals. ” “Better. I’m Y/N, I like any sort of music except country and jazz, I like tattoos as well, even though I only have like three, I like hiking and I love animals.” I said introducing myself to him. That conversation lasted all night, full of laughter and embarrassing stories. When I told him that I was leaving the next day we decided to trade numbers and keep in touch.
-Flashback over-
“Who would’ve known that you would come tumbling into my life?” I said jokingly causing him to shake his head and laugh. “Who would’ve known that here we’d be, almost six years later together and expecting our kid?” He replied kissing my temple.
“Do you remember the day you found out that you were going to be a father?” I asked him only to get a nod in return.
-Flash back to six months ago-
I had planned everything out. From the second that he’d walk into out house to the second, he found the little surprise.
Making sure that everything was set I made my way to the top of the stairs and made sure I had a perfect view of ground below. I heard the keys jiggle causing my stomach to do flips. Of course, I was nervous but I was also excited. I spent all day running around town to pick up Booties, paint and a pregnancy test along with the ultrasound picture that I had asked for two weeks ago.
I bought pink and blue paint and decided to paint the side of my closed fist either color and make little footprints leading from the front door to the middle of our living room where I had already put a pair of pink and blue booties on the glass coffee table. In the middle, I put the ultrasound that confirmed that I was, in fact, three months pregnant, and right on top of the ultrasound I put the positive pregnancy test.
I watched as a confused Thomas followed the paint on the white tiles until it came to a stop at the coffee table where he picked up the booties, setting them down and then picking up the test only for it to click in his head. He carefully sat down on the couch that was right next to the coffee table, before picking up the ultrasound. “I can’t believe it.” I heard him mutter as he studied the picture right in front of him as I made my way downstairs. “Surprise?” I said as I reached him, not really knowing how he feels about the news. “Is this real?” He asked, his eyes finally meeting mine. I only nodded, still unsure of how to act. “How long have you known?” He asked standing up. “Two weeks.” “How far along?” he asked “Three months,” I said. slowly trying to make my way over to him. But before I could even take a step he already as me pressed to his chest, Kissing the top of my head, my cheeks, my lips and finally my belly. “You’re not upset?” I asked looking up at him. “Surprised and excited yes. Upset? Never. You’re giving me one of the greatest things I could ever ask for. ” He said kissing me again.
“I have to tell someone about this!” he said excitedly reaching for his phone. Probably calling Corey or his mom. “Oh god, where are we going to put him?” He suddenly said trying to figure everything out at once. “I already moved the things from the extra room into the garage and already started looking for baby things,” I said reassuring him.
-Flashback over-
“I can’t wait to meet her,” Thomas said rubbing circles on my tummy. “What makes you think it’s her?” I asked laughing. “Something tells me it’s going to be a girl.” He said as a nurse came into the room. “Ms.Y/LN just wanted to check to see if you’ve made any progress since last time.” She said checking to see how dilated I am. “Congrats mama. It’s time to start pushing” She said causing relief to coarse through my body before being replaced by fear. She left to go get the doctor and whoever else she might need. “Oh god, what if I can’t do this?” I asked Thomas, squeezing his hand. “Hey, You’re going to be fine. I’ll be right by your side the whole time. You have me. But right now you just have to focus on bringing our child into the world.” He said followed by a kiss and a reassuring squeeze to my hand.

“Congratulations. You’ve brought a beautiful baby boy into this world.” Dr.Willson said as he handed my crying son to one of the nurses in order to clean him and do whatever else was necessary before finally placing him in my arms. “I’m so proud of you. Thank you for giving me this amazing gift. I haven’t even held him yet but I’m already in love and I promise to put both of you before anything else, protect you guys no matter what and show you, my unconditional love.” Thomas said wiping my tears away. “What’s his name?” The nurse asked writing things down on her notepad. “Thomas Jackson Pestock ” Both Thomas and I replied.