AJ Fosik

“Fosik’s feral creations take the shape of fantastic beings that communicate a subversive, anti-religious commentary through the depiction of hyperbolized fictional gods. Nameless, ​assigned no specific meanings or powers, beholden to no formal faith—real or contrived—Fosik’s idols are not meant to contribute to some grand theological narrative of the artist’s design. They are masterfully made beautiful objects that examine the nature of spiritual iconography through an absence of religious discourse. In this way, Fosik points to the power and scope of man’s innate creativity devoid of divine inspiration.”

– Lainya Magana, ​​Hi-Fructose Magazine, 2010​​​​​​


Portland, Oregon-based artist AJ Fosik (previously featured here) has created an awesome new series of dynamic and vibrant wooden sculptures. Each ferociously striking piece is made using locally sourced lumber from Oregon that is painstakingly carved, painted, and assembled.

“The interpretive works are featured as both eye-popping wall mounts and stand-alone sculptures. There is also a piece in the exhibit that is a 30-sided geometrical shape made of thirty different, diamond-shaped sculptural panels.”

This new solo exhibition, entitled Against the Infinite, is currently on display at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York through December 21, 2013.

Visit the gallery website to view the rest of this stunning exhibition.

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AJ Fosik is an American artist best known for his carefully crafted and vividly colored wooden sculptures. Fosik’s feral creations take the shape of fantastic beings that communicate a subversive, anti-religious commentary through the depiction of hyperbolized fictional gods.

He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. In 2003, he received a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design in New York City. In the years since, Fosik has lived in various cities across the country including Denver, Brooklyn and Philadelphia.

The animals in my work are strictly metaphorical. There are several reasons I use carnivores in my work (I often don’t try to represent any specific species although that’s not true a %100 of the time)  not the least of which is that the open maw of a predator is a great metaphor for the nature of existence and the inevitable end we all face.  I often use the predator imagery as a metaphor for the physical self- the predator being the very embodiment of evolutionary pressures and the natural world-  in contrast to the symbolic self – represented by the belief systems and the various immortality schemata that I utilize in my work.

His website.

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Hellion Gallery Presents “Ema Show” in Paris.

Opening tonight - June 21st, 2016 - at Galerie Artisik Rezo in Paris, France is Portland, Oregon based Hellion Gallery’s popular group exhibition “Ema Show.”

Ema are small wooden plaques on which Shinto worshipers write their prayers or wishes. The ema are then left hanging up at the shrine, where the kami (spirits or gods) receive them. They bear various pictures, often of animals or other Shinto imagery, and many have the word gan’i (願意), meaning “wish”, written along the side. In ancient times people would donate horses to the shrines for good favor; over time this was transferred to a wooden plaque with a picture of a horse, and later still to the various wooden plaques sold today for the same purpose.

For “Ema Show” artists such as (above) AJ Fosik, Josh Keyes, Haroshi, Souther Salazar and Yoskay Yamamoto plus many others have all created gorgeous Emas in their own manners and styles.  

Ema Show” is only on display until June 30th, 2016.  Definitely check it out if you’re in Paris!

AJ Fosik | sculpture

Three-dimensional wood constructions by AJ Fosik

… AJ’s work really speaks for itself. His fierce work ethic, which combined with his finely honed sense of craft, yields beautiful results; you know it when you see it. There is no confusing his work with anyone else’s, and how often can you say that these days?…

- taken from Alex Lukas‘ interview with AJ Fosik on FecalFace.com