AJ Fosik

“Fosik’s feral creations take the shape of fantastic beings that communicate a subversive, anti-religious commentary through the depiction of hyperbolized fictional gods. Nameless, ​assigned no specific meanings or powers, beholden to no formal faith—real or contrived—Fosik’s idols are not meant to contribute to some grand theological narrative of the artist’s design. They are masterfully made beautiful objects that examine the nature of spiritual iconography through an absence of religious discourse. In this way, Fosik points to the power and scope of man’s innate creativity devoid of divine inspiration.”

– Lainya Magana, ​​Hi-Fructose Magazine, 2010​​​​​​


Today was the last day of AJ Fosik’s “Against the Infinite” at Jonathan Levine gallery. I’m really glad I got to see his exhibit, been a huge fan of his incredible sculptures since his work was on the cover of Hi-Fructose vol. 18 in 2010. My pictures don’t do it justice, the colors were so much more lovely and warm in person and these are just a few of his pieces that were on display. There was a guy in the gallery who smelled like a locker room, and yet somehow the craftsmanship prevailed over the stank.