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AJ Styles - Can You Not.

AJ Styles -  Prompt #50 “Did you just flick me?”

Requested by - Anon

Warnings - Swearing 

Word Count - 676 Words.

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It was the very start of the European tour which meant a long, seven hour flight from Stamford to London, at some sort of ungodly hour of the morning. However, the thing is, it wouldn’t be as boring if your husband of just under a year was actually paying attention to you.

All your friends on the flight were fast asleep, and/or cuddled up with their significant other. But you, you were wide awake next to AJ who, of course had brought his stupid fucking portable game console and was now completely engrossed in whatever nerdy game he was playing - oh and he had a headset on meaning he couldn’t hear you even if he wanted to. 

You sighed, resting your head on AJ’s broad shoulder which he nonchalantly shrugged off; too far enthralled in his game to acknowledge your attempts to draw him out of the game. You rolled your eyes, opening up a shitty, and unentertaining game on your phone; which kept you pre-occupied for all of about five minutes. 

That’s when you had an ingenious idea; what better way was there to grab a mans attention than with some light teasing. You smirked as you casually place your delicate hand right on the top of his thigh, still continuing to fiddle with your phone. AJ glanced down, almost wearily at your hand before averting his gaze back to the console with a small shrug. 

When you knew he was once again solely focused on the game your began to lightly tap your fingers against his thigh; even drawing small patterns against it. You once again saw his head turn to the side; causing your to feign ignorance to what you were doing. His eyes concentrated on the positioning of your hand. He raised an eyebrow and shook his head with a chuckle before returning to the game.

A pout arose on your face; you brain working at a million miles an hour trying to figure out why your blatant teasing wasn’t affecting your husband (especially as he had the sex drive of a teenager). You cracked an evil smile as you slid you hand right up to the top of his thigh; a lot closer to his crotch, a sense of achievement washing over you as you heard his breath hitch. AJ removed one side of his headset and grabbed a hold of your hand, removing it from his thigh and placing it back on your own lap.

“You better stop that right now Missy” he warned with a stern look on his face, only maintaining complete eye contact for around a minute before he instantly resorted back to his game. You huffed and pouted your lips once again, slowly becoming more annoyed at your Husband’s overt ignorance. 

“AJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ” you whined as your head once again came to rest on his shoulder, your small had placing a particularly hard flick on to his muscular chest. You jumped in confusion as he sat up a little more and dropped the controller down onto the small desktop. 

“Did you just flick me?” your husband questioned in his southern drawl, his voice sounding higher than normal. The sheer tone of outrage in his voice sent you into a fit of giggles as he sat there with a mock look of disbelief slapped across his face. He raised an eyebrow as you ignore his question, instead opting to; One, laugh at his feigned consternation and two, relish in the attention he was finally paying you. 

“It’s your fault, you ignored me for over half of this flight for your stupid console” you grumbled into the crook of his neck. He chuckled, shutting the video game off and wrapping one of his thick arms around you, as you made a noise of approval at your Husbands eventual displays of affection.

“I’m sorry darlin’” AJ muttered as he kissed your cheek. “Oh and by the way, when we land you’re finishing what you started with your hand on my thigh back there.”

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A/N: Our first (i believe) AJ Styles request is complete. Hope you enjoy :) Also sorry its so short!~ Moxxii

Experience: AJ Styles


What? Sam is posting a drabble? ON A SUNDAY?

I love you all so much and cannot tell you all what you’re like, comments, and reblogs mean to me.

Enjoy this lil treat!

Warnings: Alcohol, smut, LOTS OF SMUT !!!

18+ readers only please!

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I want to take a moment to thank for all the amazing and absolutely wonderful writers that this fandom has (all of them). Seriously, thank you for sharing your talent with us, it really means a lot. God bless you and please keep posting your phenomenal works 💕.

Pressured (AJ STYLES)

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(@lilred91) Reader is on Raw and is caught up in the mess when Smackdown invades them. During it all Reader comes face to face with her boyfriend who’s on the other brand, AJ Styles… Carmella starts a chant for AJ to break up with Reader, calling her a traitor for switching over to Raw, at first AJ’s hesitant but when his teammates began closing in on him, he gives in and breaks up with Reader. Reader is devastated but she’s not going down without a bit of revenge (ANGST/ FLUFF)




“Hold up…” I said, pausing my conversation with a few of my fellow female superstars. “Do you guys hear that?”

Alexa and Mickie both shook their heads in unison.

How could they not hear something?

I know I’m not hearing things.

Like I’ve heard of your eyes playing tricks on you but I don’t know if your ears do.

Although there has been times when I swore I heard someone calling me while I was in another room, then when I get up to go sew what they wanted, they claim they’d never called, leading me to wonder.

Alicia furrowed her eyebrows looking from me to Mickie James, then Alexa before nodding. “She’s right girls. Something’s going on.”

Well, thank goodness it wasn’t just me this time.

Someone other than me did hear something.


Just before me and the other ladies were about to inch a bit closer to the noise, that had gotten much louder by the way, all four of us came face to face, eye to eye, whatever you want to call it, we were staring back at a large group of the Smackdown roster.

And among the crowd of men, one face, more relevant than the others stood in the front.

As if he was leading the way.

My boyfriend, AJ Styles.

A couple of questions quickly formed in my mind.

The first be being the obvious, what the fuck is going on?

And the other being, what is my boyfriend doing on the other side, looking like he was some army general leading his troops into battle or something.

Besides wasn’t he just literally on my brand, the Raw brand teaming with Seth and Dean?

While standing there trying to register all the chaos I felt a tug on my arms.

“C'mon Y/N…” Alexa shouted taking a few steps back as the Smackdown women took a few steps foward.

She could run, I thought to myself still standing my ground, but I’m not.

Even if a small part of me did want to run.


As I was trying to get my sentence, or question, whatever I was trying to say or wanted to say out, another familiar face of a once considered best friend came into view.

Ms. Money In The Bank.


And even though she wasn’t the more rowdy of the Smackdown ladies, Becky Lynch won that, Carmella did seem focused on me more than any of my friends.

“If it isn’t the traitor.” She spoke with that obnoxious smirk of hers on her face. “Look, AJ it’s your traitor girlfriend.” I heard her add, repeating one word in particular.

Acting like he didn’t hear her, or didn’t want to, AJ stayed silent now trying to focus his attention on anywhere but on me and Carmella.

If for a second i thought Carmella’s smirk couldn’t get wider, I was wrong cause it did.

And she even accompanied it with this little glint of evil that flashed in her eyes.

“Break up with her.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Who is she to demand that?

But I do give her props for saying that while I stood here.

Before I could register what happened, a I could feel not one but two pair of hands one me, one gripping my hair and the other somewhere else on my body.

And for a split second I was sure that because of the position two of the Smackdown ladies had me in, that my three friends had run off, but I was wrong.

One of them, who after I heard the voice, I knew was Alicia came up grabbing at the arms of the Smackdown ladies, sorta scratching at mines in the process.

Not that it did any good.

The rest of the Smackdown ladies came up, disappearing behind me.

Carmella stood her ground thought.

“Break her heart…” She slowly inched forward. “Or I’ll break her.”

This bitch.

I struggled to get away from the two pair of hands that had a hold of me, but it was no use.

Not only was I caught off guard but the grip was too tight.

In the midst of my struggling, my eyes landed on my boyfriend as I saw his demeanor change.

His fellow superstars from the Smackdown roster joined in on what seemed like a game to them, starting up with the chant for AJ to break up with me.

“Break up with her… Break up with her…”

Could they be more immature?

“It’s over Y/N…” AJ mumbled making my eyes get wide.

I could tell from the way he said it, that he didn’t want to say it but the pressure, well peer pressure was too much for him.

The break up with her chants were almost immediately replaced with cheers as if this was what they wanted and had planned and had successfully gotten it.

I’m not gonna lie, even though I could tell that this isn’t what AJ had wanted to say, he had.

Trying to stay loyal to his brand, I suppose.

Not like I mattered.

But he, nor any of them were gonna see me affected by this especially not on camera.


I tapped tweet, posting my reply to Seth’s obviously flirtatious tweet followed by an picture of me kissing him on the cheek from behind, that he’d directed to me.

We’ve been doing that a lot lately.

Were we dating?


What about AJ?

As the world know he broke up with me, but hey I’m not a girl to stay heartbroken so if that’s what Carmella thought was going to happen.

She was so wrong.

Almost immediately after I sent that tweet out my notifications flooded with retweets but a dm notification caught my attention.

@AJStylesOrg ‘Moved on already?’

@AJStylesOrg ‘With that Rollins kid?’

I rolled my eyes, allowing my fingers to take control and reply to my ex.

@Y/NWWE 'It’s none of your business AJ. But nope. Just enjoying life and real friends’

AJ seemed to have caught on to that little bit of pettiness I added at the end.

@AJStylesOrg 'You know I didn’t want any of that to go down Y/N. It wasn’t my idea’

@AJStylesOrg 'I didn’t even know it was going to happen until it did’

@Y/NWWE 'And you did nothing to stop it’

@Y/NWWE 'You stood there and let it go on, and did what they wanted’

@Y/NWWE 'Like you didn’t have a backbone or a set of balls’

That last bit was probaly mean but hey, so was he three weeks ago.

Minutes passed before I got another reply from AJ and a knock sounded at my door, causing me to put my phone down and go over to answer it.

The moment I opened the door, I was staring back at his face.

AJ standing there, with my favorite flowers in his hand.

“I’m so sorry baby.” He said sincerely looking at me. “I was stupid…”

I raised an eyebrow crossing my arms, and curled my lip all while staring him down in silent.

It was kinda my way of telling him to go on.

“And I still love you.”

Purposely wanting him to suffer, for a few seconds at least I continued with my silence, but slowly extended my arm to take the flowers from him, bringing them to my noise to inhale their sweet scent.

Once I brought my eyes back up to him, a smile crossed my face. “You know I still love you too…”

I wish I could’ve stayed mad a bit longer like I was online but when he’s near me, all my walls seem to crumble, I thought as I closed the door behind us.


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Pairing: AJ Styles x Reader

Request: Hi! Can i request a fic where AJ helps you get revenge on a cheating boyfriend? It can turn into romance at the end if you want!

Words: 2,100+

Warnings: Almost smut, cheating

A/N: I’m not used to writing AJ, and I’m practicing, so please be easy on me. I’m going to practice a lot for my AJ smut I have planned!
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Hopefully this will make it a little easier for my new lovebugs to find my work. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Seth Rollins: 

Finn Balor:


All I Ask: Finn Balor

Experience: AJ Styles

Bad At Love: Kenny Omega

Sorry Not Sorry: Kenny Omega

Howl at The Moon: Seth Rollins


Pairing: AJ Styles/You/Roman Reigns

Warnings: Sex. Dirty talk.

Summary:  Roman Reigns and AJ Styles x Reader threesome orgy! You get in your car and drive home from a long, stressful day at work. You open your suite door and see that AJ Styles and Roman Reigns are in your jacuzzi with bubbles. After taking your clothes off, all three of you get right down to business! Details, smut, sensual moments and lots of kink! Thanks.

Notes: I did my best for you anon ! I didn’t feel comfortable going full smut because you weren’t very clear with what you wanted to see. I didn’t want to possibly write anything that might squick you. In the future when you drop by the ask box maybe give us some more details ?  - Dani

Everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong today. You are just over it. This day needs to be over. You want to be at home in your jacuzzi tub, soaking in some bubbles and drinking your way down a whole bottle of wine. A nice long phone call with your guys would go a long way too. They always make you feel better even when they’re literally on the other side of the world.

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You Promised You Weren’t Going To Get Drunk… (AJ STYLES)

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(ANON) AJ and his girlfriend goes out to a nearby club with a bunch of other Smackdown stars but an argument soon ensure over her dress, and the fact that she’s had a few too many drinks doesn’t help (ARGUMENT/HUMOR)


Warnings: NONE


“Girl, did I tell you how much I love that dress?” My close friend Carmella asked as we walked into the club hand in hand.

It wasn’t just the two of us though, it was a good handful or two of other superstars from the Smackdown roster.

And I wasn’t alone but I might as well be considering how my boyfriend, AJ was acting.

“I’m happy that someone likes it.” I said with a eye roll, but soon smiled afterwards.

After all it wasn’t Carmella that I had a problem with.

It was AJ.

Well really AJ acting so immature before we left the hotel.

“But I’m surprised AJ let you out with that on.” She said with a giggle, not knowing she had just struck a nerve.

“Trust me…” AJ said butting into our conversation. “I tried to make her change into something more classy.”

I groaned tilting my head to the side before turning around to shoot him a glare.

“Be foreal.” I began speaking trying to keep our argument as quiet as possible. “We’re going to a club, AJ. Not the damn opera. This is what you wear to clubs..” I continued while showing off my dress. “Not something that’s down past my knees.”

“That’s what women who aren’t in a relationship wear. You are, and I don’t want to see you in this. What don’t you understand?”

“What don’t you understand when I say you’re not my dad, and you don’t pick and choose my outfits?” I countered before grabbing Carmella’s hand and pulling her into the club. “Let’s go to the bar first. I need a drink.”


“Y/N, you said a drink.” Carmella giggled as we sat at the bar with almost ten shot glasses in front of us.

But not all mines.

I promise.

“I did have a drink.” I giggled sorta matching hers, except mines was a bit louder. “Plus like five or six.” I added shrugging.

The alcohol that made it’s way through my body paired with the music made me want to go find my boyfriend.

“I’m going to go find my man.” I sorta shouted as I jumped up from my stool, stumbling a little.


AJ sat in a booth making conversation with some of the guys when he spotted Y/N stumbling over.


She’s already drunk.

I don’t even think we’ve been here a full hour, AJ thought while quickly glancing at his watch before Y/N reached his booth.

Nope not even a full hour.

“Babbbeee…” Y/N said dragging out her letters. “I wanna dance.” She added reaching over and messing with his hair. “Come dance with me.”

AJ groaned reluctantly getting up from his seat.

He didn’t want to dance.

But he also didn’t want his girlfriend hanging around with his friends too long.

Not acting like that.

And not dressed like that.

“Babe. You promised you weren’t going to get drunk.” AJ whispered as he held her close.

“And you said you would stop being annoying.” Y/N replied with a smirk.


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Eye On The New Girl -AJ Styles x Reader

Summary:- You’ve just been called up to the Main Roster from NXT. You don’t know anyone, but you bump in to your dream man AJ Styles in the airport, almost instantly hitting it off. You both notice a spark whilst filming and episode of UpUpDownDown, and when you get back to the hotel to find your room has been cancelled. AJ overhears, and offers to let you share his room for the night.

Warnings:- Smut, Swearing, Bit of Fluff

Word Count:-  1,868

Requested by @heavenlytheshield


Credit to Gif Owner! Normally use my own gifs but my computer wont work,so creds to you. you rock. 

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All that glitters is not gold

Pairing: AJ Styles/You

Summary: You aren’t happy with how the company’s been treating you and you’re ready to leave. AJ however doesn’t want to see you go.

You lean against the top rope at the far side of the ring, just soaking in the empty arena and the bustling activity of the crew setting up. Thousands and thousands of empty seats stare back at you just waiting to be filled. A few more hours and they will be. There was a time when the thought of performing in front of such a crowd would have excited you, not so much these days.

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He’s Mine (AJ STYLES)

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AJ Styles request for anon


AJ’s girlfriend gets jealous after seeing all those pictures of him and Charlotte on Instagram and other social media sites. She starts to feel not good enough. AJ comes home to her acting different and soon gets to the bottom of things. Reader asks if something’s going on with him and Charlotte leading AJ to think it’s cute how cute how possessive and jealous she is over him: FLUFF


Warnings: NONE


My jealousy grew and grew as I scrolled from picture to picture on my boyfriend’s Instagram.

Why are there so many pictures of them?

Them being, AJ and Charlotte.

Like I get they have a friendship and all but is that really all it is?

Or is it something more going on behind the scenes?

Well behind the pictures?

Cause I have friends, that are guys, but he don’t see me posting pictures with them constantly.

And don’t even get me started on the captions cause then we’ll be here all day.

I heard the front door unlock from my seat on the couch.

AJ came stomping in and I knew he was upset, in a way at least.

I was supposed to pick him up from the airport almost two hours ago, but I got so distracted by all of these pictures.

“Babe. I called you at least five times.” I heard AJ say.

Yep, you did. I replied in my mind.

“Oh.” I mumbled. “My phone’s dead.”

AJ dropped his bags on the floor before coming over to me. “Did you forget I was flying in today? Or did you just not want to come?”

The second one.

“Neither. I was just busy AJ.”

He sighed trying to get a look at my face, probaly to see of I was lying since he loved to pride himself on knowing when I was lying or being truthful by looking at me.

Plus I always bit my lip when I’m lying.

It’s a dead giveaway.

“Y/N c'mon. What’s with the attitude? I just came home, you didn’t even pick me up like you usually do.”

I shrugged carelessly, this time looking at him. “Did you ever think that maybe I’m tired of the usual? Plus I’m sure you could’ve just got Charlotte to drop you off, seeing how close the two of you are.”

AJ looked at me with a confused facial expression.

“Ugh, the pictures AJ. You have more pictures with her than you do with me. What am I not pretty enough to post? Or is it just cause I’m not Charlotte Flair?”

A grin appeared on his face, then it was me who had the confused expression this time.

“Stop grinning.” I demanded throwing a decorative pillow at him. “I wanna know what’s going on with you and her.”

He shook his head. “Babe you know there’s nothing going on with us, and I don’t post as much of you cause I’m not always with you.”

Point taken.

I guess it would be easier to get a picture with someone you’re with than someone you’re not.

“But I can send you some.” I replied. “So she and everyone else knows that you are my man.”

AJ chuckled. “You know, I think I like you’re jealous and possessive side.” He said leaning closer to me for a kiss, but I held him at arms length.

“You can get a kiss, after you post a pic of us.”

My boyfriend playfully groaned, getting out his phone, then getting in position for the picture.

“Oh…” I said stopping him before he took it. “…and put a cute caption, and I want you to post it on Twitter and Face–”

“Y/N Just shut up and let me take it.” He said shutting me up.


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A list of things I never thought I’d do

Pairing: Finn Balor/You

Summary: You just might be pregnant. How are you going to tell Finn ?

If there was ever a list of things you’d never thought you’d do, standing in Walmart arguing over pregnancy tests with AJ Styles would be pretty high up on it. Which incidentally is exactly what you’re doing right now, you’ve already said several prayers that no fans have recognised you. The last thing you need is for pictures of this little expedition posted on the internet to make it any weirder. Eventually you argue the stubborn idiot down to the $6 box so you can both just get the hell out of god-damn Walmart already.

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(ANON) AJ’s girlfriend is once again forced with her conflicting feelings as her boyfriend is in a match with Finn Balor who she has history with and may or may not consider ‘the one’ for her (ANGST)


Warnings: NONE


I took a deep breath I watched the AJ Styles and Finn Balor match backstage.

“I bet you’re screaming with excitement on the inside, seeing the two of them in the ring again.” Sasha Banks smiled coming over to stand beside me. “Your man and your best friend.”

I nodded, biting my lip.

I bit down with so much unexpected force that I had to quickly let it go casually running my tongue over it to see if I drew blood or not.


No blood.

Why am I such a nervous wreck, right now?

Half of it had to do with the match.

And the other half had to do with Sasha’s statement.

“My man and my best friend…”

Only thing wrong with that was it’s my man and my ex.

An ex who still holds a huge chunk of my heart.

Finn Balor’s that ex.

Which obviously makes AJ my man.

I didn’t even want to be here tonight.

No I wasn’t supposed to be here tonight.

But of course I couldn’t not come to support AJ.

What kind of girlfriend would I be?

Besides, it’ll probaly make him suspicious.

AJ knows I love to travel with him, wherever and whenever, that’s the kind of relationship we have at the moment.

Stuck in the honeymoon phase as some people would call it.

But for me to just up and say I didn’t want to be by his side on this history worthy match, him going up against Finn, who he’s aware I’m close with, that just wouldn’t be too believable.

Plus it’s not like I was busy tonight.

But there’s some things AJ didn’t know.

What would’ve been the real reason I wouldn’t have and didn’t want to come.

The reason I would’ve had to hide with a lie.

My feelings for Finn.

Or our history at that.

AJ knew of some of that history, well the bits and pieces I let him in on.

Like Finn was the wrestler to train me when I got signed.

But not that Finn and I had a romance that went on for years, up until a little over a year.

Or the fact that Finn was my first real love and my first time.

And honestly, I feel like Finn’s my soulmate.

He just gets me like no other, he makes me feel like no other could, as bad as it is to say well think that.

It’s the truth and I can’t help how I feel.

But sometimes I felt like that, or those feelings, my feelings were one sided.

Sure Finn showed love for me, he made me feel loved thought our years dating but in the end he was more focused on his career.

Which I don’t blame him one bit, but why couldn’t he just make room for me?

“If you really believe in our love then you know this distance won’t last, that one day we’ll be back, loving each other like we used to… It’ll be like nothing’s changed. Just give me this time to focus on wrestling Y/N…”

That was one of the last sentences from Finn, before he walked out of my house.

I reluctantly agreed thinking, oh this won’t last he just needs a few month then he’ll be back, I’ll have my love back, my heart will be whole again.

Then months turned into years and still no Finn, well not like I wanted him.

Like I said we stayed friends, he trained me helping me get to where I am in WWE but it’s like I’m the only one who remembers the old times.

Or maybe that’s just Finn still being focused on his career.

I hate myself for still loving him like I do.

Hate how deep our connection goes.

It’s just wrong, and I know that, I have a good boyfriend again, one who’s willing to love me while having a career yet I still long for another.

“That match was so good.” I heard Sasha say once the match had ended.

Again I gave her a nod in response.

The match was good.

One of the best of the night actually.

I got up from my seat, making myh way out of the room only to have Sasha momentarily stop me.

“You leaving?”

A slight small spread across my face. “I have to go congratulate my man.”


Which man tho? Y'all may never know 😏😂


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Warnings: NONE


Finn watched as the woman he once loved walk over to the ropes, bending down before entering the ring.

He missed her.

And of course he still loved her.

Regretting the day he foolishly chose his career over loving her, being with her.

But with all the regrets that continued to pile up in his mind, deep down he still felt he had done the right thing not just for him but for the both of them.

The distance he had asked her to give them helped not only Finn’s career but also hers.

She’d gotten so far, and he was proud but he was also ready to change.

He was ready to be everything he wasn’t in the past.

He was gonna be more affectionate.

Tell her he loves her ten times a day.

Spend every free second he had with her.

Okay, well not every, but you get the point.

He was gonna be more focused on his love for her and the relationship he hopes to share with her again.

Finn continued eyeing her as she almost bypassed him, heading to his opponents and old friend, AJ.

Damn, Finn thought.

I almost forgot about him or him and her.

Was he really about to risk a longtime friendship, for a love that he probaly can’t get back?

If that love’s Y/N, the answers always yes, he thought mentally answering his own question.

Before either Finn, Y/N, or AJ could comprehend what was happening, Finn had his arm around her waist pulling her in to him.

Sure he had planned on doing something but still it was like his actions had a mind of their own.

“Finn…” Y/N spoke softly looking up at him. “Wha–”

As she tried getting the question out Finn’s lips made contact with hers.

Besides, he already knew what she was about to ask.

Finn, what are you doing?

So it was kinda like he was saving her the time of asking, by already giving her the answer.

And lucky him, but also to his surprise, she accepted the kiss.

She didn’t shove him away, cause a scene by slapping him or yelling.

Instead she kissed back with as much passion as Finn, making it seem like she’s been waiting for this.

Or wanting this.

“I’m ready for this distance to end Y/N. I want you back in my life…”


“That was some stunt you pulled.” Finn heard Y/N say as she got into the car.

Finn shrugged grasping the steering wheel. “I got you back, so I regret nothing.”

As harsh as that sounded it was the truth.

One thing was on his mind all morning after seeing Y/N when she arrived with AJ, and that was how much he couldn’t stand seeing her with a man that wasn’t him.

“Yeah, but you could’ve done it in private. Everybody’s going to be talking about this. AJ looked so embarrassed when he walked away. Thank God the fans didn’t know about me and AJ cause that would’ve been a big, but mess.”

Why was she bringing this up?

Yes, she was still AJ’s girlfriend a few hours ago, but now she’s back with who she belongs with.

“Do a part of you regret this?” Finn asked glancing over at her.

Y/N shook her head, resting her hand on Finn’s free on. “No, but I do care about his feelings.” A smile slowly started to form on her face causing her dimples to show. “And in case you’re wondering, I was going to congratulate him, but I wasn’t going to stay with him. My heart wanted you.”


The first version of this was so much better but something happened with tumblr uploading it and I forgot to save it but here’s this one 🙃


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