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below is approximately #236 hq small/medium gifs of aj cook, best known for her role as jennifer jareau in the tv series criminal minds. i take no credit for the gifs below the cut. if you would like credit or any of them to be removed, please send me a message here and let me know. otherwise, enjoy the gifs! likes/reblogs are always very, very appreciated.

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This is a faceclaim pack for the actress, AJ Cook, as requested by anonymous.

None of these things were made by me, and if any of the rightful owners want anything removed, just let me know. There are no repeat gifs but there are similar ones in varying sizes. Please like or reblog if you find this useful.

AJ Cook FC Pack

this fc pack consists of:

42 GIF Icons | 1,682 GIFS | 620 100px x 100px Icons | 232 Avatar Icons | 20 Images

Note: This FC Pack contains some content that I created, I’d much appreciate it if you did not steal it and/or claim credit for my hard work. Please like/reblog if you find this pack useful or if using. Happy Roleplaying!  [ download ]


↪ 798. I've been in love with Criminal Minds since I started watching it and I thought, why not to do a gif hunt of all the cast. So here's the first one. Includes all type of gifs, however, there are more small and hq. None of those gifs are mine, credit goes to the rightful owners. I don't care if you're a rph blog or whatever, just let me know if this has helped you by liking/rebloging.